YouTube Shorts as The Opportunity for Businesses


YouTube Shorts as The Opportunity for Businesses

Everybody uses YouTube, from toddlers to Boomers. According to Statista, YouTube had approximately 203.80 million users in 2021 and is expected to reach up to 219.28 million users by 2025. In the recent update, YouTube has introduced YouTube Shorts, aka Google’s answer to TikTok. It’s a section on YouTube where you can create a small creative video and post it on the platform.

As Google Shorts have launched recently, there isn’t much competition on the platform. So, you can grab this opportunity to showcase your talent and enhance your business. However, just like any other social media platform, you need to constantly publish your work to gain user’s attention.

Let’s understand how to create YouTube shorts and implement that in your content marketing strategy.

Unlike YouTube stories, YouTube shorts doesn’t disappear after some time. That’s why you can easily use them in your content marketing. And one can upload their videos via YouTube’s mobile app just like any other video, and you can browse all YouTube shorts videos on the shorts shelf. However, one thing you need to keep in mind that your video should be vertically oriented and one minute long.

Also, don’t forget to include #shorts in your video description to improve your visibility. Before uploading your content, do thorough research about your targeted audience. The young generation will skip your video if it fails to get to the point in 10-15 seconds, but some people will watch the whole video even if the content is dry. Thus, identify your audience and ensure your content is up to the point.

Unlike YouTube videos, YouTube shorts won’t help you earn money. You can get subscribers, views, and more audience. But you cannot turn them into cash. The only way you can earn money via YouTube shorts is through ads. If you get the right amount of traffic on your channel via shorts, brands may contact you to promote themselves. Your shorts videos will draw your potential to your eCommerce stores and increase the conversion rate.

Nowadays, content creators are using each social media platform for video marketing. However, YouTube is still working on shorts to implement all the required features, such as filters and editing tools. Also, YouTube hasn’t figured out an algorithm for shorts yet, so you may not get your desired traffic in a short time, and it may not appear in the feed quickly. But once you get enough views, you will get increased traffic and subscribers.

Additionally, keep your audience’s likings in your mind. Take their feedback seriously and provide them with their desired content. For example, if they don’t like your shorts video and rather watch your normal videos, then put your content that provides an instant solution that fulfills their requirements.

The key to success is to provide your customers exactly what they need. If your customers get their requirements fulfilled in a short time, they are going to stick with you for a long time. Once you get a hold of video marketing, you can attract more customers and improve your revenue. Need help in creating or setting up your own YouTube Short Campaign? Talk to our experts and they will assist you.

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