3 Web Design Principles Every Beginners Should Know


3 Web Design Principles Every Beginners Should Know

With the availability of numerous strategies and tools, website designing has become easier for entrepreneurs. However, to make web designing has some certain rules. You need to properly balance all the rules on your website to make it attractive and convenient for users.

These are three basic rules you need to follow to make your website appealing and increase the conversion rate.

1. The Paradox of Choice- The more is less

In 2004, Barry Schwartz defined this term in his book- “The paradox of choices- why more is less.” If people have too many options, they’ll be dissatisfied with the choice they have made. If you offer so many options to your customers, the chances are they might get confused and abandon your website.

Here are a few ways you can implement paradox of choice in your web design.

  • Prioritize your customer’s actions: Determine what you want from your customers once they are on your website. It can be anything, such as signing up, subscribing to your newsletters, taking up the survey, etc.
  • Provide easy navigation: Make it easier for customers to find their desired destination. If your navigation path is complicated, they’ll get lost and confused and may end up abandoning your website.
  • Selected options on the Landing page and Homepage: Do not bombard all offers and products on your homepage. Keeping your webpage neat will help customers to make easy and quick decisions.
  • Don’t force CTAs: Ideally, you should use two CTAs on each page. However, if there are too many CTAs, customers will get annoyed and may leave your site.

2. Improve visuals

As we know, the first impression matters a lot. Thus, it is important to make your website visuals eye-catching. Website visual includes the size, color, fonts, and images. The placement of these elements should be according to the importance and priorities.

Ensure that you prioritize the important content and place them where it stands out. For example, if you put your services, products, and offers all on the same page, customers will get confused about where to start, and they’ll leave without making a purchase.

Here are a few ways you can improve your website visuals.

  • Size: A good website structure includes a perfect combination of small, medium, and big headings. Choose your content size according to the importance of its importance. For more important stuff, use bigger and vice versa.
  • Placement: Put the important information on the top where visitors can easily see it and lesser important information below. It will give a straight direction to your customers and improve their time spent on your website.
  • Color: Use a color scheme that reflects your brand’s personality and makes it attractive at the same time. Also, use an ideal color contrast if you want something to pop out on your page.

3. Keep your webpage specious

Keeping your webpage specious is another term for white space. It makes your webpage easier to navigate. Divide your text and page into small sections. Creating space between your content will make your website clutter less and guide your customers to their desired section. In addition, it will give your website a calmer look.

You can create an excellent website and gain more visitors by simply implementing these rules in your web designing. If you are looking for experts to launch your eCommerce website, you are in the right space. Launch your eCommerce business with the experts from USA commerce and watch it bloom in this competitive market. Contact us and start your project today.

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