Use Gamification to Enhance Customer Engagement

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Use Gamification to Enhance Customer Engagement

How do you keep your customer entertained and hooked on your website?

This is the first thing that comes to mind of every new business owner. The unbelievable yet straightforward answer to that question is gaming. Yes! You read that right.

Games are not only for passing the time. If implemented correctly, Gamification can help businesses change their game completely.

The more customers are entertained on your website, the more they will interact with you. The increase in customer interaction will directly scale up your brand reputation and increase your conversions.

Let’s first comprehend what Gamification means. Gamification refers to the developers incorporating game-like elements into the marketing strategy to enhance the user experience and make their product or services more pleasant. Along with improving your customer engagement, it will enhance the user experience.

Gamification elements consist of keeping scores, Tallying points, unlocking surprise, spinning a wheel, collect the elements (cookies, star, mugs, etc.). Gamification is effective as it refreshes the website with new content and uplifts the tedious customer journey.

Gamification in marketing can help you grab more user attention and provide them with a fun shopping experience. This article will elaborate on a few gamification strategies that will help you enhance your customer engagement.

Add a spin-to-win wheel.

Spin-to-win is a highly creative gamification marketing strategy that will keep your audience engaged with the brand. The wheel contains a few options that audiences can “win.” Audiences need to spin the wheel shown on their screen, and after it stops, the audience can claim the prize they won.

The best thing about spinning wheels is that you can place them anywhere on your website. Many brands offer direct products, and some offer discount codes or coupons. Regardless of the prize, visitors love the game as it keeps the site interesting. It gives them the satisfaction of winning something.

Run an Online Contest

The online contest is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement, drive traffic, and boost your social followers. Usually, an online contest consists of four entry points, email subscription, social media follow-up, social media referral, and watching a video.

Additionally, many brands offer rewards for leaving out reviews and posting on social media platforms. Although they offer only one prize for reviews, it increases engagement as users experience FOMO and starts leaving reviews in the hope of winning the prize.

Build Customer Loyalty app

Nobody has topped the loyalty game like Starbucks. Starbucks’ reward program keeps the users engaged on their app and rewards them with a free product after the completion of a selected task.

Starbucks gives points (Stars) to the customers after each purchase. Once enough stars are collected, customers can redeem them for a free drink. This is the finest way to keep the customers engaged and keep them coming back.

Loyalty points equal happy customers. And happy customers always come back. Sometimes they bring their friends and families along with them. Results, boost in customer engagement and profit.

In a nutshell, Gamification can boost your customer engagement like no other. You can use these techniques in your marketing strategies and enhance your customer interaction.

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