How to Sell on WhatsApp? Read Ultimate WhatsApp Business Guide


How to Sell on WhatsApp? Read Ultimate WhatsApp Business Guide

Nowadays, Whatsapp is one of the most used social media platforms. In March 2020, Whatsapp had more than 2 billion users worldwide, and almost 58% of Whatsapp users in the USA use it more than one time each day. Thus, selling your products on Whatsapp can be very beneficial for your business.

Selling on Whatsapp only requires good internet and a Whatsapp account. Whatsapp Business is specifically designed to support small businesses and make it easier for them. It helps to connect with your customers and provide personalized customer services.

Here are a few tips on how you can optimize Whatsapp to sell your products.

Use proper messaging techniques

Well, Whatsapp is a messaging app. Usually, people don’t like getting too many messages, thus, your messages should be short and straightforward. But, for a business purpose, you need to upgrade your message game.

With Whatsapp, you can serve more people, and you can connect with a variety of people at the same time. So you need to use the language that your users are comfortable in. And the most important thing, ensure that your messages are not being marked as spam. The more spam you get, the chances of losing your account is high.

  • Plan the conversation

Your conversation should be ideal for your audience, regardless of their age and gender. Create a format of your conversation about your frequently asked questions so that you can directly use them accordingly. It will help you reach out to more people in less time. You can also program automated messages so that with a keyword, your customer gets an instant reply.

  • Use broadcast list

With the broadcast list, you can easily reach out to maximum people at the same time. With the Whatsapp business, you can create numerous labels according to your audience and send them the relevant products. You can even program few messages, and the system will automatically send them to your customers.

  • Utilize Whatsapp status

Whatsapp status is one of the best and easiest ways you can promote your product. You can post photos, videos, descriptions, and a direct link for purchase in your status. The majority of people prefer watching Whatsapp stories instead of receiving a lot of messages.

However, there is one drawback that Whatsapp status disappears after 24 hours. Thus, you need to regularly update your products to keep in touch with your audience. Along with your product photos, try adding funny quotes or memes to them. It will help you build a better relationship with your customers and gain more attraction.

  • Payments

Recently, Whatsapp added its own payment services. You can add your banking or card details in the wallet and easily forward payments to each other’s accounts. It will make it easier for both customers and merchants to keep track of the payments.

Whatsapp business has turned out to be a boon for small businesses. It helps them gain a wider reach and market their products cost-effectively. This is a simple guide you can follow to use Whatsapp to sell your products.

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