Tips to Get a Google Featured Snippet for Your Website


Tips to Get a Google Featured Snippet for Your Website

As we know, getting the best rankings on Google’s SERP has become essential for websites. However, do not worry if you fail to get the best rankings. You can still improve your online presence with featured snippets.

Google is constantly updating its algorithms and introducing new features. In 2014, Google introduced featured snippets that appear right above the search results. Google snippets are the zero number rankings that are positioned between the ads and provide the accurate solution for user’s questions in the form of paragraphs, images, or tables.

According to Google, the featured snippets do not decrease online traffic. The featured snippets are not popular in today’s era. Thus, it is the best opportunity to use them and increase your traffic.

They are helpful for users to find a solution and are compatible with voice-activated digital assistants, such as Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. Therefore, it is essential to understand how Google snippets work in order to increase your online visibility.

  • Figure out the common questions customers frequently ask

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is how you can get the attention of the people who haven’t even heard about your business. You may know some of the basic questions customers usually ask involving your keywords.

For example, if you sell bakery items, you might want to target “Nearby Cakeshop” or “Order Cake Online in Kennesaw or 30144” When people find exactly what they are looking for, they’ll come to your website and get familiar with your work.

  • Ensure that those questions don’t have featured snippets.

Once you figure out your targeted questions, make sure they already don’t have featured snippets. Do market research and find out how they are using featured snippets and if their answers are good enough.

You can use this research to improve your snippet answers and improve your visibility. Additionally, you can try some different yet relevant questions.

  • Write your answers in featured snippet style.

Your answer should be clear, up to the point, informative, and compact. The ideal size for your answer should be around 50-70 words. Also, your answer should be understandable for people of all ages. Your answer should provide a direct solution to the users so that they don’t have to go to other sources to look for their answers.

  • Put your answer on the website in the correct format.

Put your content in the correct format so that Google can easily recognize it. For questions, you can use H1-H2 headers and keep your answers in normal fonts. Also, break down your content with different headings so that search engines can easily crawl under it.

Additionally, you can optimize the images from your website to get Google featured snippets.

As we know, standing out in the market and increasing online presence is essential for the business to get the best revenue. Implementing Google featured snippet tactics in your marketing strategy will not only improve your visibility but will also help you get new customers.

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