Expert Tips to Boost your Facebook Organic Reach of Online Store


Expert Tips to Boost your Facebook Organic Reach of Online Store

Nowadays, Facebook’s marketing strategy is accepted by most businesses. Although it is very popular, Facebook organic search is very tricky. It won’t give you a sudden increase in traffic or engagement in your website.

It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your brand or people despise your business. But, unfortunately, many big brands also fail to get an impressive Facebook to reach. Research shows that many brands faced a 42% decline in Facebook organic search in the first six months of 2016 and a 52% decline at the beginning of the third quarter.

It is very difficult for brands to boost their Pages without ads, but you can enhance your reach and build a Facebook audience with the correct tactics.

Someone might wonder why businesses should focus on organic reach on Facebook if it is that difficult. Facebook is a large platform, and businesses can reach billions of people without having tons of fans. Facebook learns about users’ preferences and shows them ads accordingly. This way, you can put your messages in front of the potential audience without investing a lot of money.

Here are some ways you can increase your organic reach on Facebook and find the perfect audience.

  • Help Facebook deliver you the correct audience

To get your target audience on Facebook, ensure that you are targeting the right niche on Facebook. Facebook Audience Insight can help you find the right audience by giving you access to audience data, such as activities, the type of page they are following, their device type, etc., on all the Facebook pages and groups.

Once you find your targeted audience, use Facebook signals, such as leaving a comment or like on their post, share their content or tag them on your page. These interactions will make Facebook understand that you share similarities with that page, and it will start driving traffic from other pages to your page. You can see the improvement in engagement and audience without running the ads.

  • Find the correct messaging style for your business page

Your Facebook page message should revolve around your audience. Usually, all the interactions on Facebook are public, thus, the audience will say things that make them feel good and have an impact on other people.

Therefore, start looking for content that makes your audience look good, feel good, and improve their lives. People tend to interact with content that makes an impression on other people.

For example, if you put “10 ways to lose weight in just 7 days”, nobody will respond as your audience does not want the world to know that they are struggling with weight loss.

You need to create content that positively reflects your audience. Once your audience gets engaged with your page, they’ll happily implement the message you put on your page and make a purchase. First, initiate a healthy conversation by asking them about themselves. After the conversation finishes, suggest to them some of your products according to their requirements. It will not only help you get to know more about them, but also you can sell your products without actually making the sales call.

You can apply numerous tactics to improve Facebook organic reach, such as sharing posts, interactions, promotions, etc. The main key to having a healthy audience reach is consistency. Be consistent with your content and efforts, and you’ll notice a strong boost in your audience reach.

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