Tips on Becoming Wholesale Vendor Using an Online Shopify Store

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Tips on Becoming Wholesale Vendor Using an Online Shopify Store

Nowadays, the eCommerce industry is thriving with the implementation of the latest technologies. It has given the opportunity to a common man to visualize their ideas and fulfill their goals. During the pandemic, numerous individuals started their small businesses and got their desired success. However, some jumped into the pool of wholesale dealers and enhanced their revenue.

As a newcomer, it is overwhelming to grasp all the technical and marketing aspects of eCommerce. However, Shopify has made it more accessible. As a result, you only have to concentrate on your project design and enhancing your brand instead of worrying about the sales and customer experience.

Creating a Shopify store is stress-free, as it offers multiple ways for building the wholesale store. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how you can become a wholesale vendor using an online Shopify store.

Becoming a wholesale merchant includes many things, such as creating an online store, gathering the products, approaching the companies, developing the pricing strategies, and implementing all the popular payment gateways.

First things first, let’s understand the ways of creating an online store. There are two ways you can set up your wholesale online store.

  1. Secure your online store with a password.
  2. With Shopify, open a different wholesale storefront.

Set out your Payment Methods 

Payments in the wholesale industry are different than regular payments. Unlike the regular ones, the payment in the wholesale channel is expected to fulfill in 30 days, as the retailers are buying bulk products. It is called the Net: X agreement.

If retailers ask for a Net: X agreement, it means that they’ll take up a few days after their order is received, to fulfill the payment as per their convenience. However, in the beginning, it is a bit risky to trust an unknown company to pay after the delivery. Thus, it is essential to set your payment methods after thorough research and consideration.

Create Pricing Strategy

The most important aspect of the wholesale store is the pricing. While selling to the retailers, it is important to keep a fixed profit margin as per your requirements. Sometimes, wholesale dealers keep the profit margin up to 50%.

For a successful run, you need to give the maximum discount off your retail price to those who are ready to buy your wholesale products. In addition, you can offer a discount based on the quantity of the products. This way, you can encourage your customers to buy more products and set a better profit margin for yourself.

Additionally, you can set up the manufacturer’s suggested retail price in your pricing strategy. In this strategy, a contract between the retailers and the dealer’s states that retailers will stick to the prices set up by the dealers so that it will be the same on every online store.

Approach the Potential Whole Customers AKA Companies

After finalizing the pricing strategy, it is important to figure out your potential customers. You can approach your potential customers directly from your website, trade shows, and dropshipping marketplace.

Additionally, you can form partnerships by personally contacting the brands.

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