Write Like You Talk Tips for Conversational Content


Write Like You Talk Tips for Conversational Content

While reading an article, do you ever feel like you are losing the grip? Like, you can’t remember what you read just 5 minutes ago. This happens when the content has a monotone. Also, readers often drop the content if they feel bored while reading it.

Conversational content helps you avoid it. Effective writing makes a personal connection with readers and keeps them engaged. Conversational content aims to address reader’s issues in their own language. Therefore, your message should form a meaningful conversation.

However, many people are yet to become familiar with this concept. So let’s take a look at how you can make your content conversational.

  • Keep Readers Engaged with Questions

Engaging questions hold so much power in your content. A question after a long paragraph grabs the reader’s attention, making them visualize their response. Asking questions in the content feels like a conversation.

A conversation content pulls in the readers, makes them think you are talking to them. For example, if your content is about organic substances, you can ask questions like “how do you know they are fresh?” or “Did you know where it is from?”, etc.

  • Don’t Write to Impress

For a good conversation, empathy is a prime key. Try to understand what problems your readers are facing, and resolve them in their language.

To write conversational content, skip the complicated words and write in a simple yet straightforward language. For example, “Save time with this latest update. Schedule all of your tasks in one go.” Or “would you like an extra bookmark for your book? Or a sticky note?”

  • Add Personal Touch

We enjoy talking to our favorite colleagues because in between the conversation, we share small stories. We share our personal interests or opinion on different topics. The same goes for your content.

If you only discuss your topic of expertise, the content will get boring. It will make you look one-directional. Therefore, find new ways to insert your personality into your content. For example,

  • Share your mistakes so that readers can learn from them.
  • Use your own metaphors to demonstrate a point.
  • Add some personal comments in the content, such as “hey, did you know this happened yesterday?” or “hey, try this for a better meditation experience.”

Even sharing an unrelated comment will make readers get to know you a bit better. It will form some kind of a personal connection with the readers. That’s when content marketing becomes enchanted.

  • Cut your sentences short

As we know, long sentences are hard to read. Unfortunately, a standard tone in marketing makes your content sound robotic, making it boring. It creates a gap between your words and readers. To make your content understandable, break down your sentences.

It’s easy to read nine words per line compared to thirty words in one line. Schools and colleges taught us to write in complex sentences to gain praise. But it does not apply in marketing. In marketing, having complex content will make readers lose interest.

To engage our customers, we need to learn how to communicate via our content. We need to be more clear and persuasive. Make your content smooth. Cut down long sentences.

For example, “Hey, you should try this. It will suit you.”

  • Blend Your Sentences

After breaking your sentences into small pieces, it’s necessary that they all are synced. If your sentences are not in harmony, they’ll be difficult to comprehend.

For example, “Hey, long time no see. I like your watch. The weather is nice. It suits you.” It doesn’t make any sense, right?

That’s why it is essential to insert transition words between your sentences to create a flow. It helps readers comprehend your content and does not interrupt the reading flow.

In a nutshell, remember that every time a reader clicks on your article, he/she wants to understand the concept so that they can use it to fulfil their pending tasks. Thus, your content should be smooth to form a healthy connection with your readers. Conversational content helps you do just that.

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