Things People Are Buying During Coronavirus Pandemic


Things People Are Buying During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic literally changed the world. From living habits to shopping habits, we have evolved. Since the first case was confirmed, people have been in lockdown and self-isolation.  The economy was hit badly, as the majority of physical stores and restaurants were shut down. Nobody was going out due to the strict government guidelines, except for buying the essentials.

While the majority of people were ordering their daily essentials online, others went to the stores as they did not want to wait for their things to get delivered. In the first week of the pandemic, almost every essential items, such as masks, sanitizers, gloves, toilet papers, readymade food, snacks, milk powder, the formula for babies, etc., were off the shelves. People were buying them in bulk even though they didn’t need them.  It created panic among the others, and they started to panic buy as well.

Fortunately, the situation was under controlled and essentials were easily available for every person. However, people didn’t just buy essentials during the pandemic. There were numerous interesting things people bought during the lockdown.

Psychology says that people purchase three types of things, to survive, to entertain, and to connect. During a crisis, people tend to hoard things that are essential for survival.

As the work from home started, the sale of bed desks, tables, chairs, electronic extensions, etc., was increased. The demand for jeans and office wear was almost none in the fashion industry, while nightdresses, lounge wears, pyjamas, slippers, and robes were in high demand. People were investing more in home décor. They were investing in the stuff to create an office atmosphere at home.

The majority of people were buying home decorations. As they were spending more time at home, they were focusing more on their surroundings and wanted to make sure they were living in a pleasant environment. In addition, there was an increase in the purchase of plants and pets. People were buying them to cope with the anxiety they were facing due to the pandemic.

Also, during the pandemic, the cases of home theft were increasing. Thus, people invested in guns and safety equipment, such as door locks, security systems, cameras, etc.

Additionally, people bought board games, puzzles, and video games for their in-house entertainment. The CEO of Hasbro games said that they are expecting more demand for entertainment products during the pandemic. He further added that his company is planning to introduce more indoor games throughout the lockdown period.

Remember when people went crazy over Dalgona coffee, feta pasta, and banana bread? People started to relive their hobbies, thus, there was an increase in the demand for baking products, craft supplies, knitting, and DIY kits.

While others were baking and eating cakes, some people used the pandemic lockdown to get into shape. People turned to fitness and plant-based diets. People bought yoga mats, home gym equipment, health bands, and many health devices.

Regardless of what people did during their lockdown period, they found a way to cope with the crisis. Each of us found a way to keep ourselves safe and stay connected with our loved ones. This pandemic taught us how to value nature and other beings. With a strong and steady pace. We’ll get through this and restart our regular, mask-free lives.

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