4 Tactics To Boost Your Average Order Value & Improve Online Sales

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4 Tactics To Boost Your Average Order Value & Improve Online Sales

The prime goal of every business is to generate hefty revenue. Let’s say you have started your business with proper planning and selling your products in the market. But all your sales are of low amount. There are many reasons your store might be failing to get more customer attention.

The quickest way to get more orders is to increase online traffic. But it requires extra effort and cost, so not many businesses can afford it. On the other hand, increasing the average order value can help you enhance your business. Coupons and special offers may encourage customers to make a purchase, but it is most effective for large enterprises.

Average Order Value (AOV) refers to the average amount customers spend per transaction within your store. You can find out your average order value by dividing the total revenue by the total order. You can increase your average order value, you need to convince your customer to make more purchases or buy expensive items.

By increasing your average order value, you can increase your profit, sell more inventory, and make your marketing spend more profitable. Here are a few strategies to increase your average order value.

1. Display Product Recommendation

Due to the hectic schedule, most people just search for the product they are looking for and don’t browse the store, resulting in a small purchase. To encourage customers to buy more products, start recommending relevant products, products other buyers have purchased, or the best sellers to them.

You can also recommend the products based on their previous purchase and searches. Conduct surveys to find out customers’ interests and use that information to give them a personalized experience.

2. Upsell and cross-sell the products

Upselling and cross-selling are similar to the product recommendation, but instead of showing them the product of their interest, this strategy suggests the products that pair best with the product in their cart.

Cross-selling means promoting some complementary products, while upselling means you promote an expensive version of their product.

For example, if a customer is buying a mobile phone, recommend them extra accessories, such as a mobile phone cover, protection glass, etc. It may not have crossed the buyers’ mind, but they’ll be inspired to purchase by seeing them.

3. Create Bundles

This is the easiest way to increase revenue. Customers tend to buy the bundle that costs less compared to buying them separately. This bundle contains a base product with accessories or a bunch of similar products or the same product in different sizes and colour. By creating bundles, you can increase customer purchase value.

You can also let your customers customize their own combos. This increases the chance of more conversions and average order value.

4. Set a minimum order for discount and free shipping

Research shows that 9 out of 10 customers initiated the purchase due to free shipping. You can also offer some discount after some minimal cart amount. Some businesses offer free goodies once the cart value reaches up a significant amount.

The most efficient way to increase your average order value is by making an excellent brand image and gain customers’ trust. Once they start trusting your brand, they’ll spend a bit more than usual. With these strategies, you can increase your AOV and get your ideal store performance.

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