Push notification Strategies to boost Engagement, Loyalty, and Conversions

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Push notification Strategies to boost Engagement, Loyalty, and Conversions

Even if you have excellent products on your app, your business won’t make it in the long run if you don’t have enough customer engagement. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to keep your customers engaged in your store for a long time. Push notifications are one of the best ways you can gain customer loyalty and increase your conversions.

Push notifications can help you retain and convert more customers. For example, 42% of customers want to receive push notifications on their mobile phones. But if doing wrong, customers may find the push notifications annoying, and it may lead them to uninstall the app permanently.

This article will establish how you can take advantage of push notifications and improve your engagement, loyalty, and conversions.

Map user’s behavior and on-site activities 

Mapping the user activities and on-site behavior is important to make your visitors comprehend the benefits of push notifications. For example, if a visitor has viewed a specific product on your website, you can set a trigger and send notifications if the same visitor views the same item multiple times.

Additionally, you can automate the notifications according to the time spent on the website. You can set a trigger for a specific time and send the notifications accordingly.

Find the best page for opt-ins.

To find your best-performing pages, you need to analyze your buyer’s journey and history. Then, you can set triggers on different pages for new push notifications. You can set triggers on your website pages, such as order tracking emails, checkout pages, out-of-stock products, breaking news stories, rewards, chance to win free goodies, and the latest deals.

Once you get the right timings, you can set out the notifications accordingly and enhance your customer engagement.

Leverage Personalization        

Personalized push notifications make your user’s day and provide them with a pleasant browsing experience. Analyze your customer’s browsing and previous order history, their personal data, and on-site activities to create customer-centric notifications and offer a personalized experience.

Additionally, ensure that your push notifications are compatible with each mobile type and appear the same on each device. For example, the home screen notification settings are different in Android and iOS devices.

Use limited-time offers 

A great way to get engagement from push notifications without sounding annoying is to send them limited-time deals that are specifically curated for them. For example, you can offer them a special deal on their birthdays and anniversary or during the holidays.

Also, if a customer is visiting your site for the first time, you can offer them a limited-time small discount on their first purchase. This is the best way to convert your first-time visitors into customers.

Add CTA buttons 

The whole purpose of push notifications is to lead your customers directly to the pages that can convert them. Also, your customers are going to browse the entire website and various product pages. Thus, ensure that you place your CTA where they are clearly visible and have decent colors. Additionally, use a proper color contrast and don’t make your page messy and overcrowded.

At last, planning a thorough push notification strategy can help you gain more attention and conversions, resulting in hefty revenue. In addition, push notifications to help your customers decide whether to subscribe to your notification services and continue visiting your store. Therefore, a thorough strategy can help you enhance your business and generate revenue.

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