How SocialProof Plays Vital Role in Boosting eCommerce Store Sales

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How SocialProof Plays Vital Role in Boosting eCommerce Store Sales

Nowadays, the majority of people rely on eCommerce stores for their everyday essentials. Almost everything is available online, thus the market competition is tough. Many stores are implementing numerous new tactics to attract more customers. Social proof is one of that tactics. Social proof is a method of using human psychology to increase sales. Human psychology tends to believe that the actions of others are reflective of the correct behaviour.

The majority of people would purchase the products that their family and friends recommend. For example, people would prefer to eat in a crowded restaurant even though they don’t know their food quality. Social proof has four principles that affect the way we act.

  • Uncertainty

It refers to the fact how we refer to what other people are doing when we are uncertain about something.

  • Similarity

People usually look out for those people who are similar to them and follow their leads.

  • Expertise

People will refer to others who have more experience and knowledge.

  • Number

It’s called herd mentality. When people are confused in some situation, they’ll see the actions of the majority.

There are six major types of social proof businesses are using to enhance their business.

  1. Customers

Ask your customers to give reviews and ratings for their purchases. Previous customer reviews can really impact new visitors and draw them towards the purchase. Most businesses send out emails for surveys and reviews. It makes customers feel that they are being listened to and appreciated. This makes a positive relationship between brand and customer, and customers are more likely to refer the brand to their friends.

  1. Celebrities

A post shared by celebrities on social media can fetch a large crowd. People are most likely to use the products their idols are using. Just make sure you have rights and permission to share those posts on your website, otherwise, that can lead you to some troubles.

  1. Expert proof

People will believe every single word when the product says that experts are using this. Businesses are taking big advantage of that. For example, if you have the business of cosmetics, getting a local dermatologist’s review will have a huge impact.

  1. Certificates, Badges, Awards

A third-party recognition tag will make customers believe that your brand is authentic and trustworthy. Display the ratings, reviews, badges, and awards on the home page of your website.

  1. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content refers to any form of content, such as images, blogs, posts, videos, etc. most popular form of UGC is visual content, aka photos, videos, etc., people post on social media. It has proved to be the most authentic and trusted content for customers. Coke applied the UGC campaign across the world, which helped them to gain millions of images of happy customers.

  1. Friends

Research shows that 70 percent of people will look for reviews before purchasing a product. Half of those people will choose their friends’ recommendations despite other negative reviews. Install personalized script on the product page that shows the preferences of their friends. For example, on Facebook, you can implement like and share buttons that include a small profile picture of visitors’ friends who have already liked that post.

In the end, any learnings regarding social proof can help you enhance your business. By implementing social proof on your website, you can raise your customer experience and make sure that their requirements are fulfilled, and they do not have any complaints against your products. This is beneficial for both customers and brand, as the customer receives excellent services, and businesses can mark a positive image. Once you customers are happy with your services, you can get an amazing response and increase the sale.

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