How Frequently Should Your Small Business Post on Social Media?


How Frequently Should Your Small Business Post on Social Media?

Believe it or not, social media has a significant impact on businesses. Social media has the power to uplift and drown your business. In the digitized era, the majority of people use smartphones and are very active on social media. According to Statista, in 2020, approximately 233 billion were active on social media in the USA, making it 82% of the total population in the USA.

Once you set up your business profile on social media, you get a large audience with the help of a marketing strategy. However, setting up your business on social media is not enough. You need to maintain your presence to keep the audience engaged. But, there’s a small catch. If you post too much, your audience may lose interest and ruin your business reputation.

So now the question arises, how much should you post on social media to maintain your brand reputation and keep your user engaged as well.

Let’s find out.

Your social media post numbers are directly proportional to your followers. Hubspot report says that if your follower count is around 10k, one post per day is enough, and if you have more followers, 1-2 posts per day are best. Also, it depends on the platform you use.

  • Facebook:

As per the Hubspot report, the audience saw a 50% drop in customer engagement if the business posted more than once per day. So ideally, you should post 3-4 times per week on Facebook to keep the engagement.

  • Instagram:

Instagram is very effective when it comes to user engagement. Thus, posting three times a day is ideal for Instagram. However, do not prefer post-sharing instead of stories. Stories may help you get more attention, but it disappears after 24 hours. At the same time, the posts stay on forever. Therefore, it is advisable to share your content via posts.

  • TikTok:

Unlike Facebook, TikTok won’t affect your business much for posting too much. This is because TikTok has a whole different algorithm that shows your content to a different audience. Therefore, you can post 2-3 times per day, and it won’t have a negative impact.

Sometimes, the same user may just see one post on a single day instead of three due to the algorithm. This way, you get the reach without annoying your audience.

  • Twitter:

Businesses post on Twitter as per their convenience. For example, some may tweet 50 times a day or tweet 100 times a day. Tweets have a short life, therefore, it is advisable to post around 3-30 times a day to keep the engagement.

Additionally, the posting time matters as well. Through a survey, you can figure out where the audience is most active and share your content at that time. Usually, most people are active between 9 PM to 11 PM and utilize this time to engage with your customers.

Social media holds enormous weightage in the marketing strategy. If utilized properly, you can get the best user engagements and improve your conversion rates. Social media platform requires consistency, as your customer looks forward to seeing your post. A short and sweet social media post will make your audience’s day and help you form a strong bond with your audience.

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