How Startups can Effectively Leverage Social Commerce Channel

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How Startups can Effectively Leverage Social Commerce Channel

Social media holds the power to uplift your business in no time. It is extremely important to invest in social media marketing for a prosperous business in this digitized era. It has a big impact on both the D2C eCommerce brand and a new startup. Social commerce is a marketing tactic that uses recommendations, collaborations, and networking to increase a business’s online presence.

According to Statista, social commerce revenue will reach up to $84.2 billion by 2024. We have a few amazing social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., that you can use to market your business and increase your visibility.

Here are a few ways you can leverage social commerce to enhance your business.

Update your Audience with Regular Content.

You can mark your social presence by regularly updating your content on the platform. By constantly updating your content, you demonstrate its value proposition to your target audience. You can plan your content marketing by making a blueprint according to the age and interest of your targeted audience. For example, by surveying, you can find out what product or what theme your audience is most interested in, and you can update your content according to that.

  • Empathy

User empathy includes finding out the actual user requirements through research or by directly reaching out to the customers. The primary aim of the research is to find out what your customers are lacking and resolve them by offering the relevant solutions.

Product review is also one of the best tactics to find out gaps in your strategy and can help you convert your visitors into buyers. Nowadays, customers don’t rely on commercials, they trust the reviews and feedback of previous buyers and make the decision accordingly. Moreover, they want their problems to resolve quickly. Thus, investing in a Q&A section is a must. Even if you can’t be available 24*7 to resolve their queries, the Q&A page will guide them and provide relevant solutions.

  • Improve User Engagement

When you provide relevant content on your social media platform, your users will get attracted and spend more time on your website. You can provide content in any form, such as blogs, newsletters, videos, interviews, statistics, latest trends, and expert insights.

Regular updates indicate that you are very active on social media, thus, it increases user engagement and puts you one step ahead in the market.

  • Influencer Endorsement

Influencer endorsement is one of the best social media strategies. Social proof shows that the majority of people follow their ideals and chooses the products they prefer. You can offer free products to celebrities for positive reviews of your brand.

Once your brand is recognized by a celebrity, it will make it easy for customers to trust your brand. Their endorsement gets more attention than regular advisement. 40% of people purchased a product after seeing them on social media platforms. Therefore, it is essential to add celebrity endorsement to your marketing strategy.

As we know, social media holds power to take your business to the next level. By implementing the correct strategy, you can change the whole outlook of your business and establish a healthy relationship with your customer.

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