Simple Keyword Research Hacks to Attract More Customers


Simple Keyword Research Hacks to Attract More Customers

Getting a higher rank on Google’s SERP has become very important for every business. It gets you more reach and increases your conversion rates. However, getting a higher rank is not as easy as it sounds. Even though your product has more value, you might not get the reach you expect in the beginning. That’s where keywords come into play.

The phrase or words users enter in the search engine to look for a specific product is known as keywords. Keyword research provides insight into what people are searching for on the search engine and helps you to shape your marketing strategy.

In simple language, the more your content shows up on SERP, the more visitors you get. Let’s see how you can attract more customers with keyword research.

  • Gather specific keyword

Specific keywords improve your conversion rates as people use them to resolve their specific problem or find a specific product, meaning they will buy them as soon they find it. Therefore, using specific keywords will help you minimize the competition. However, the search amount will also be lesser, but you’ll get a new customer every time someone uses it.

  • Pick relevant keywords

Your keyword should be relevant to your business, otherwise, it is of no use. For example, if your business doesn’t sell cupcake molds, do not use them in your keywords. Your keywords should always be relevant to your products on the website. Make a list of keywords and follow them strictly to avoid the wrong audience.

  • Focus on intent  

Attracting a lot of people and increasing visitors is not beneficial if none of them will buy a product. Therefore, it is important to focus on the intent of the customer before setting up your keywords. Usually, Google determines the intent of each search and provides the relevant or exact result. Thus, you can easily find out the intent of searches while looking for your keywords. The intent of the search can be categorized in 4 ways.

  • Navigation
  • Information
  • Investigation
  • Transaction
  • Observe question search

Sometimes, users use the phrase in the form of a question on search engines. For example, “where can I buy cupcake molds?” Or “how can I increase the conversion rate for my website?”

You can observe these questions and see how your keyword is being used. This way, you can identify which keyword brings more audience and how you can use more target keywords. Try to resolve these questions with short paragraphs to get featured in the snippet position. Study shows that more than 60% of featured snippet has 40 to 50 words.

  • Use keyword search tools

Last but not least, you can use keyword search tools to get the best and relevant keywords for your business. There are many keyword research tools available in the market, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest. You can use these tools to get the exact match keywords and phrase match keywords based on your ideas.

Finding the perfect keywords may seem a bit tricky, but with enough practice and strategies, you can get a hold of it. Keep your keywords up-to-date and watch your business bloom.

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