Why Shoppable UGC Is The Future Of The Ecommerce Experience?

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Why Shoppable UGC Is The Future Of The Ecommerce Experience?

Nowadays, brands focus more on their customers, employees, and fans and do not miss any chance to show them how important they are. It makes a good impression of the brand and increases the conversion rates.

UGC, aka User Generated Content, involves all the feedback, blogs, reviews, and posts customers shares about the brand. It is a great marketing tactic, and people love it. Because it comes from people, it is not auto-generated, it is authentic, it is most relevant, and it increases the trustworthiness of the brand.

Usually, brands use this marketing tactic by including UGC on their social media platform, websites, ads, and emails. Study shows that 70% of the people trust UGC and 79% people consider UGC before making the purchase.

As we know, in the past few years, there has been a tremendous rise in online shopping. Additionally, most people are using social media platforms to make a purchase. As well, the majority of brands are using social media to stay connected to their customers and regularly update them about new products or upcoming events. Thus, it is important to try adding shoppable UGC to your marketing strategy and use them to enhance your business.

To get the highest customer engagement, brands need to provide the best and seamless customer experience. That’s why brands are gathering all the opportunities to make the content, such as images, videos, and blogs, shoppable.

In shoppable content, it is confirmed that customers can get their products in just one or two steps. For example, Instagram has launched a new shopping feature that directly takes the customers to the product page without going to the browser and opening the website.

Studies show that 56% of people trust user-generated content in order to make a purchase. However, customers can’t see the actual product until it reaches them, thus, it is highly important that brands provide an authentic UGC so that customers can see the actual product before making the purchase.

User-generated content is one type of social proof. People buy what they see. Therefore, many brands have started to approach to get more reliable UGC, as people usually follow their ideals, and there are higher chances that they’ll buy the same products the celebrities are using.

Coke did the most impressive use of UGC. They stated the “share the coke campaign, and people went mad over it. This helped Coco-Cola get the highest customer engagement and boost their brand with UGC.

In this competitive era, adding UGC in their marketing strategy can make the brand stand out in the market, provide their customers authentic content, and generate a healthy relationship. In addition, user-generated content can fetch an impressive relevance, inclusivity, and personalized experience for the customers. And who doesn’t love personalized experiences?

Plus, the biggest benefit of user-generated content is that it costs very little compared to the other marketing strategies, and it gives the best result by providing adequate visuals to keep up with the modern marketing demand.

In a nutshell, user-generated content is the new mayor in the town of digital marketing. It will make your brand stand out in the market and enhance your business. So go ahead and watch your business flourish.

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