Research Says in 2021, Online Grocery Sales will Surpass $100 billion

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Research Says in 2021, Online Grocery Sales will Surpass $100 billion

The growth of the eCommerce industry surpassed all the expectations in 2020. Due to the pandemic, tens of millions of US consumers started ordering daily essentials online. It is believed that this behavior will continue in 2021.

Online grocery revenue was raised to 54.0% in 2020 to reach $95.82 billion. That impelled it to a 12.0% share of total US eCommerce sales and 7.4% of all grocery sales. Whitney Birdsall, eMarketer senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence, said that “the pandemic made people search for a safe and convenient way of getting daily essentials, and many retailers provided that.”

She further added,” with the growing number of stores offering outside pickup and other features, a variety of incentives and options are available for ordering groceries online. The customers who tried online shopping first time are now using it frequently due to the convenience.”

It might get slow due to the vaccines rolling out, allowing consumers to return to the offline stores. However, a portion of online grocery shopping will continue, pushing past $100 billion in spending in 2021, and by 2023, online grocery sales will reach up to 11.2% of total US grocery sales.

Andrew Lipsman, an eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, stated that “Many buyers will return to their pre-pandemic purchase behaviors once the threat is sufficiently alleviated through vaccines. Other customers who are habituated to online shopping will continue to purchase online. Continued growth in online grocery sales will be dependent on more purchase frequency than new customers. ”

The growth of online grocery sales will also be determined by higher spending per customer. The estimated annual spending per buyer at $728 for 2020 and $818 in 2021, and by 2023, this figure can exceed up to $1,000.

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