Best Practices To Reduce Your eCommerce Return Rates


Best Practices To Reduce Your eCommerce Return Rates

Returns and exchanges can turn into a nightmare for your website if you don’t handle them correctly, as they are costly. Research shows that 89% of people returned the items they bought online in three years, and 41% exchanged the same item in different sizes.

There are several reasons for a product return, such as…

  • They got the wrong size
  • They got the damaged products
  • Items failed to match their expectations
  • Delivery took long
  • They no longer want the product

Returns can be costly for most retailers because it causes loss in sales, delivery, returns cost, and low margin on the returned product. Although you cannot prevent all the returns, you can take a few steps to avoid preventable returns.

  • Make an accurate product listing:

Your product description pages should include all the correct information about the product. All of your information should be relevant and up-to-date. Also, find out what your customers lack from your sites through feedback. It helps you learn what details on your product page are misleading. Once you do it properly, you can avoid returns and save a lot of effort and cost.

  • Add reviews:

Reviews help customers make a decision. Research shows that the majority of people read the product review before purchasing the product. It works like a secret source of information. For example, customers can get a better idea about the correct size and fit through the reviews.

Some people put actual photos of the product they have received, it helps other customers get a clear image of what they are getting. In addition, it gives them the satisfaction that other people are satisfied with their purchases.

  • Add clear photographs of the product:

Product photography is essential for every business, as it reflects the colors, textures, and features of the product. It helps people understand what product they are buying and how it will look in real life.

For example, in the fashion industry, adding multiple photos in different angles and adding a zoom feature will make a good impression on customers and make it easier for them to understand the product. Additionally, a good product video will make it more beneficial, as the video demonstrates all aspects of the product and gives clear details.

  • Use latest technologies:

Usually, customers are hesitant to buy a product online, fearing how it would look or fit them in real life. This is also the main reason for returns as the product looks good in photos but won’t suit the customer.

Using the latest technologies, such as AR- Augmented Reality, solves the majority of fitting issues. It takes a 3D scan of the place and helps visualize how it will fit and look in that surrounding.

For example, Opticians are using AR technology to get a better fit of frames. In contrast, interior designers and architects use them to understand better their designs and how placing stuff would suit the ambiances.

However, not everyone returns their product due to damage or mismatch. For example, some people return the product after taking photographs with it. Or, in some cases, customers will over-order, so they can keep some of the stuff and return the rest. For that, eCommerce sites should make a strict return policy and potentially blacklist the customers if they keep doing it.

Having a good return policy and taking all the precautions will help you reduce the return rates and make a good impression, resulting in happy customers.

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