Principles of Good Customer Service

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Principles of Good Customer Service

Good customer service is the key to keeping your customers engaged with your brand and keep them coming back. The most business makes the mistake of accepting giving away free stuff as a good customer servicing. Clearly, they are very wrong.

Good customer servicing will build a healthy relationship between you and your customers. Here are a few principles you should follow to upgrade your customer services.


No customer wants to wait to get their problems solved. They want the solution as soon as possible. Thus, the foremost principle of customer service is a quick response. Service speed depends on a few factors, such as contact channels, employee skills, and employee empowerment.

Your responsiveness is the first step to improving your customer service. You can track your responsive speed with first response time, average response time, problem resolution time, and first contact resolution ratio.


Along with speedy responsiveness, your accuracy is extremely important while dealing with customers’ problems. Your solution to customers’ issues should always be correct, otherwise, it will disappoint them, and they won’t return.

Training, information system, and teamwork can easily affect accuracy. Discussing the issue with your team can impact the quality of your customer services.

Clarity and Transparency

Clarity is the answer to the question “how.” When a customer asks for clarity, they want you to elaborate the process more straightforwardly. Your response should be short and in easy language. Do not use excessive technical terms or complex words. Your sentence structure should focus on “what,” “when,” and “why.”

Transparency plays an integral part in your response taking a bit longer. If your customers know the reason behind a delayed response, they are more likely to understand the situation and get annoyed. Showing that you were occupied will have a positive effect on customers. It will show that your brand is more than its products, they care about its customers.


Customers need to know that there will be someone on the other end when they contact the brand. Thus, you need to provide your availability details on your website, such as the home page, FAQ page, and contact us page, to save both customers and your time.

If a customer contacts you after official hours, set an automated message that you’ll get back to the first thing in the morning. But make sure you’ll respond to them as promised.

Empowerment and Friendliness

Good customer service makes the customer feel in control. Always provide flexibility to your customers. Encourage your customers to leave you good feedback. Good feedback can help you attract more customers as well.

Furthermore, Friendliness and politeness are the fundamental essentials for a healthy customer relationship.

These are the few blocks that you can construct your customer relationship. “Happy customer means happy business.” The more you work on your customer services, the happier your customers will be. So just practice perfectness and watch your business grow.

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