How Poor Product Photos can harm your eCommerce Conversions


How Poor Product Photos can harm your eCommerce Conversions

Nowadays, the majority of people prefer online shopping instead of visiting the store. Research shows that the total revenue of the eCommerce industry will surpass 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022.

Although many businesses have started to turn their business into an eCommerce store, some fail to gain more conversions. Starting an online store doesn’t guarantee plenty of visitors from the beginning. You need to apply numerous strategies to attract more visitors and turn them into your customers.

The very first thing visitors notice on the website is its presentation. Website designs, pictures, navigation menu, plays an important part to catch the eyes of the customers. If you fail to deliver a seamless and pleasant customer experience, customers will abandon your site and won’t return.

It is essential for a successful eCommerce store to deliver the exact same product the customers are expecting. Many users are reluctant to buy something online in the mere fear of not getting the product right or unharmed. Thus, it essential to provide accurate photos of the products. However, some businesses fail to understand this and use repetitive images that drive the customers away. Here are few ways how your product photos harm your eCommerce conversions.

  • Stock photos

Stock photos don’t help much to promote your brand, as people have seen these photos on numerous websites before. Your photos need to catch your customers’ attention. Limited usage of stock photos can enhance your website performance and help you represent your website in a better way.

  • Small images and poor quality

Small images have a bad impact on your website. It losses the focus of the product, missing out on few details. This can cost a lot as people cannot see the detailed product and change their minds.

The quality of the photos matters a lot. Do not use blurry or cropped images that will be pixelated once they’ve been zoomed in.

  • No use of relevant images

Always put relevant photos of your products, as it doesn’t make any sense if the photos describe the wrong product. Otherwise, it won’t serve any purpose and will turn into a distraction. Product photos should be able to describe the features and highlight the details.

  • Incorrect use of Photoshop

The best way to get your brand noticed is to use the real image. Avoid using improper Photoshop images such as blurred eyes, cropped body parts, removal of some important things, etc.

  • Slow load time

One of the main reasons for cart abandonment was the slow loading website. If your images take more than 3 seconds to load, people lose interest, resulting in decreased conversion rates. Ensure your image is in the proper size so that it is easier to load on both desktop and mobile devices.

In a nutshell, images improve readability and user experience. A great product image is a vital key to turn visitors into potential customers. It makes it easier for customers to know the product details without reading the description, thus saving time and increasing conversions.

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