How to Make use of Pinterest to Promote your Online Business?


How to Make use of Pinterest to Promote your Online Business?

Pinterest is more than just a social media platform. It is not only used for home decorations, recipes, and craft DIYs ideas. Pinterest is more used as a search engine than a social media platform. In reality, it’s neither. Pinterest is a phenomenal way to increase traffic on your website. Its pins keep customers engaged and bring more visitors to your site.

Pinterest has numerous benefits, such as

  1. Popularity
  2. People use it for shopping
  3. It boosts brand exposure
  4. It has a strong global footprint and many more.

In the beginning, you might not get your preferred results. But after learning these strategies, you can use Pinterest for a hectic customer engagement.

  • Create catching content:

Nothing attracts customers more than eye-catching content. Studies show that 85% of people prefer visuals over texts. Thus, you should focus on providing content that is visually pleasing and delivers on all fronts.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to make a good pin.

  1. Vertical images
  2. Expressive copy
  3. Text overlap
  4. Sophisticated branding
  5. Decent storytelling
  • Pin continuously:

Consistency is the key. According to Pinterest, to get more engagement, you should pin something every day. Regular content has higher chances of reaching targeted audiences.

You can take advantages of audience insights to determine when they are most active and publish your content during that time. It is better to post when the majority of your audience is online.

  • Plan seasonal content:

Users come to Pinterest for planning in advance. People use Pinterest to plan their seasonal decorations, gifts, etc. That’s why you also need to plan your content in advance.

However, as the name states, seasonal content is only viewed during that time of the year. But, these pins make a 22% increment in online sales. You can use Pinterest’s seasonal inspired planners and pick the holiday your content aligns with. Ensure that your brand uses correct keywords, and you can create amazing content that draws user attention.

  • Optimize Pinterest SEO:

Pinterest is basically a search engine. Thus, keywords are the basis for any content to get higher engagement. Keywords make it easy for customers to find your content. You can use these keywords in your business name, content, boards, pins, and descriptions.

Also, do not hesitate to use hashtags as they also help to discover your content. Users can follow the hashtags to keep updated about their interests. There are numerous ways you can optimize your Pinterest SEO, such as pinning the content to boost your customer engagement.

  • Use boards to interact with audiences:

Create your boards with the reviews, feedbacks, and photos/videos of customers using your products. This is the easiest way you can earn customer loyalty. Also, create boards with influencers and partners to promote your products, as customers usually follow their ideals preferences.

Pinterest is the world’s 4th numbers social media platform and has an amazing audience. That’s why it would be beneficial if you start using Pinterest to promote your business. There are numerous strategies available to help you understand the usage of Pinterest. Use these tactics and watch your business flourish.

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