Phases of the New Product Development Process

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Phases of the New Product Development Process

Launching a product in a market is not as easy as it seems. You may have a great product idea, but you will fail if you don’t integrate it thoroughly. Thus, you need to formulate a proper product development strategy that can help you take your product from production to customer.

But first, you need to get familiar with the phases of the new product development process. So let’s take a look.


Bringing your idea to life is the biggest challenge a business has to face. Many entrepreneurs are stuck on the idea because they don’t know how to transfer their idea into reality. In the tough competition, many businesses may have similar product ideas that make it hard for newcomers to launch their desired products.

It’s not necessary to launch the exact same market products. You can reinvent your product by observing the market and consumer requirements. You can transform your ideas by substitution, adaption, combination, and elimination of a few elements.


Once you finalize your idea, you need to validate it. Validating will ensure that consumers will buy your products. You can present your ideas before your staff and your family members, or you can send out online surveys to get better validation. Feedback is extremely important when it comes to product validation.

Validation research involves competitive analysis as you need to make your product stand out in the market. Visit your competitor’s website and subscribe to their email list to get a better idea of their marketing style. Also, you can check your competitor’s online reviews, get an idea about what customers lack from them, and use them to your advantage.


If you don’t have the exact idea about how your product will function or what type of raw materials it will require, you may get confused and misguide your vendors as well. The foremost thing you need to do is form a detailed sketch of how your product will look. After that, determine in which category your product will fall.

Additionally, you should pay attention to packaging, labels, product material, and product quality. Planning all of these features is extremely important since it impacts how well your product does on the market.


Prototyping your product ensures that you have a sample for mass production. You cannot get the exact product in the first trial. You need to do a lot of experiments, eliminate a few options, and modify them until you are satisfied with the product.

Each industry has its own different third-party partners that help them prototyping its products. For example, the fashion industry ties up with local tailors and cobblers. In addition, you can either hire your local artists or you can tie up with college administrators to get help for prototyping your products.


Once your prototype is ready, you can start designing your product with technical specifications. With detailed specifications, you can design the perfect product that can match up to your expectations. When it comes to designing, always be prepared for unexpected phenomena as you cannot control everything. Also, make sure you have planned a few buffers to handle the situation in case the launch gets delayed.


The final step of the product development process is marketing. When you launch a new product, getting potential customer’s attention is the toughest part. You can discuss multiple marketing strategies with your marketing team and figure out what is best for your brand. Also, don’t stick to one method for a long time. Instead, change your strategies according to the customer requirements to get better conversions from time to time.

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