Personalization Tactics that are Driving your Customers Away

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Personalization Tactics that are Driving your Customers Away

Personalization is one of the best marketing tactics you can use to get more engagement and increase your conversion rate. Unfortunately, 25% of the business do not use personalization. Providing your customers with a personalized experience is very important. A study shows that majority of people do not hesitate to spend more money for a personalized experience.

However, 63% of customers get annoyed if brands implement poor personalization tactics and stop buying. Many brands don’t recognize their poor efforts until it’s too late. This article will highlight a few personalized tactics that are scaring away your customers.

Getting too personal

Everything has a boundary. It applies to personalized marketing as well. If you add too much personalized touch to your tactics, your customers will lose interest and abandon your site. Over customized approach can turn into killjoy. Sometimes, if you use overfriendly words in your emails, they can end up in the trash folder.

Before you start getting personal with your customers, wait for them to be comfortable with your brand. Once they start buying more products, you can gather their personal details and provide them with a genuine personal shopping experience.

Impromptu Research

To provide a perfect personalized customer experience, you need to do proper research. For example, if a customer buys a refrigerator, they are not going to buy another one right after the first purchase. Therefore, there’s no point in sending them unnecessary emails promoting different types of refrigerators.

Sometimes people search for specific products to gift somebody. If you keep sending your customers notifications and emails regarding that, they’ll get irritated and may block you forever.

Not giving Personal Space

Too much kills the joy. Suppose you won’t give your customer personal space and bombard them with too much promotion. They won’t hesitate to unsubscribe from your promotional emails and may not return to your site.

Additionally, bombarding them with relevant content has the same effect as bombarding them with irrelevant content. To avoid getting blocked by your customers, decrease your email numbers if they haven’t made a purchase in a long time.

Using too much Data

Giving your customers their privacy is extremely important in any business. Everybody knows that brands use social media to get information about their customers. However, if you use too much information, such as their locations, etc., your customers will feel a violation of their privacy. It may give your brand a bad reputation, and you can lose your valued customers.

Relentless Retargeting

Ideally, if a customer is not responding or revisiting your store in 30 days, a brand should decrease its approach and marketing emails. If you send them occasional emails, the chances of them getting back to your brand is higher compared to the frequent emails.

If you keep sending those repeating emails every day, it will scare your customers away. And you may not see them in your store ever again. Thus, do not get driven away by the adrenaline rush of selling your product. Have patience and plan your strategies by keeping customer’s comfort in mind.

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