How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store for Social Proof?


How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store for Social Proof?

In today’s competitive era, most businesses are trying their best to stand out in the market and earn a hefty revenue. And the most important thing in any business is to earn your customer’s trust. Social proof is a way to improve that.

Social proof is a term of using psychology to gain customer’s loyalty and trust. It increases their confidence to make a purchase. Research shows that the majority of people trust other people’s judgments in important situations. So, once your customer makes a purchase, you can use their experience as social proof and gain more conversions.

You can implement five major social proof strategies in your marketing strategies to optimize your eCommerce store.

1. Positive reviews  

Product reviews are the most trusted aspect of social proof. In reviews, people share their real-life experiences and product images so that viewers can see the actual photos and dimensions. Positive reviews can help you promote your store, and negative reviews can help you improve your services.

It’s not considered professional if you hide or delete the negative reviews. However, deal with your negative reviews and help them solve their problems. It will make a good impression on your customers as they know that you take your customers seriously and prioritize solving their queries.

2. Influencer endorsement

In this social media-influenced generation, celebrity endorsement is the second best thing to enhance your business. The youth majorly follow their ideals and are keen to use what products they are using.

You can offer free products in exchange for a review with influencers and make your mark on the social media platform. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to choose the celebrity according to your targeted audience. If your audience doesn’t follow certain celebrities, you’ll waste your time.

3. Use numbers or milestones

Numbers and milestones are really important in digital marketing. It shows how far you’ve come from the beginning. You can celebrate your specific milestone with your customers by offering them a limited-time deal or discounts.

You can show off how many people purchased this product until now or how many people have subscribed to your newsletter. These numbers make customers feel FOMO (fear of missing out). Thus, it will lead them to make a purchase.

4. Show-off trust badges 

Trust badges and awards make your customer think that your brand is genuine. For an eCommerce store, trust badges help establish your brand’s trustworthiness. There are many badges you can display on your website, such as “satisfaction guarantee,” “free returns,” and “secure checkout.” You can also include an accreditation certificate by the Better Business Bureau or Google reviews.

Social proof plays an important part in increasing your website traffic and conversion rates. It gives assurance to the customers that they are making the right decision. You can try different social proof tactics and optimize your eCommerce store for the best.

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