Optimize Your Instagram Bio, Hashtags, And Posts To Increase Sales?


Optimize Your Instagram Bio, Hashtags, And Posts To Increase Sales?

Instagram is one of the best social networks to connect with new people. Also, Instagram is a leading platform for businesses to showcase and promote their product. A study revealed that 78% of people want to see more photos or reviews of the product before purchasing. This is where Instagram steps in.

As mentioned before, Instagram is the best social platform to display your products. Brands can use advanced Instagram features, such as Instagram stories and reels, to post photos and videos of their products. Good visuals have a great impact on sales, thus, presenting the product visually improves marketing strategies and eases advertising.

Additionally, Instagram provides a much-needed UGC- User Generated Content, which helps the brand get more engagement.

Instagram has better visuals, therefore it has proven to attract more users and get them more engaged compared to other social media platforms. Research shows that 72% of users purchased a product right after seeing them on Instagram, as they saw it trending.

Here are a few ways you can use Instagram to enhance your business.

  • Add your brand logo as a display picture

The first thing a new person will notice is your display picture. Thus, your first step for Instagram optimization should be making your brand logo your display picture(DP). It will give an impression that this is a brand page, not a personal page, and it will make your brand look more authentic and real as well.

  • Make an impressive Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio represents your brand as it defines what your brand is about. When any Instagram user comes across your brand, they check out your profile first. A good bio can draw their attention and keeps them engaged.

You can include how your products are made, your vision, your goal, a few funny slangs, etc., in your bio. You can even insert your store’s URL in your Instagram bio.

  • Include correct links

Although Instagram lets you include a link in the bio, it won’t let you insert links on all the posts. Thus, you can add links that directly take users to your product page. In addition, you can change your link according to the Instagram strategy to promote your products.

If your links are broken or won’t take users to a described page, it will disappoint them. And chances are they might not return to your profile. Thus, it is necessary to include correct URLs.

  • Identify the latest hashtags

Hashtags are the game point of Instagram. You can say half of Instagram marketing runs on hashtags. Hashtags help you get discovered. You can always look at other similar business profiles and check out what hashtags they are using.

Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags in a post. So use them wisely and reach out to your audience.

  • Make your feed shoppable

Instagram has launched a new feature that lets users shop directly from your feed. It includes a direct link to the product. Also, users can directly see the price of the product on your profile without going to the website. It is more convenient for them as if they like the product, they can directly purchase it.  A shoppable feed is a smooth experience, and it attracts more customers.

Following these steps will help you build your amazing Instagram feed, but you need to be consistent to gain conversion. Your continuous presence on social media platforms will make a huge difference in your customer services. The whole point of Instagram marketing is to stand out in the market. Thus, you need to constantly try different methods aside from hashtags, such as changing your bio regularly, update your caption game, changing themes, etc.

Instagram marketing can change how your customers can see you, thus, make the most out of it.

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