Online Shopping Behavior in the United States

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Online Shopping Behavior in the United States

Our online shopping behavior has changed for a long time. Additionally, with the pandemic going on, we may have changed the way of shopping, but we haven’t changed the shopping habit. The eCommerce industry has come a long way from the beginning. With the latest technology and features, the eCommerce industry is offering a seamless and pleasant user experience for its customers. As a result, 85% of people across the globe have made online purchases at least once in their lifetime.

The past one and a half years have been tough for the citizens of the United States. With the world economy being hit by unemployment, everyone’s lives were badly affected. However, in between the crisis, people found a way of dealing with anxiety through online shopping.

Consumers in the United States buy all sorts of products from various online marketplaces and eCommerce sites. For example, approximately 153 million users are expected to use amazon prime by 2022. Although giant enterprises are dominating the eCommerce market, many people prefer small businesses to purchase their products.

One of the main reason US consumer is drawn towards the online stores is the convenience. Home delivery, sales, coupons, and discounts make it so much easier than retail stores. In 2020, the total eCommerce revenue was around $4.28 trillion and is expected to reach $5.4 trillion by 2022. In the United States only, the total revenue was $431.6 billion and is expected to reach up to $563.4 billion.

Also, during the Black Friday sales, the shoppers from the United States spend one-third of their budget on online shopping. Among them, Millennials were the highest spender.

According to a report, 62 percent of customers stated that free shipping was the main reason for online shopping, meanwhile, 70 percent of them said that competitive pricing was the main reason they preferred online shopping. Furthermore, along with the groceries and apparel, 37% of the US consumer used eCommerce sites to fulfill their hobbies, such as books, DIY crafts, movies, games, and music.

However, even with the highest popularity of online shopping, 40 percent of people did not rely on eCommerce for their groceries and preferred offline shopping. Additionally, during the pandemic, customer satisfaction, as measured in the American Customer Satisfaction Index-ACSI, decreased from 81 to 78. Some of the reasons for customer dissatisfaction are inconsistency, fraud, and degraded product quality. Also, the online traveling industry had a bad impact as well.

One-quarter of the US consumers stated that they were disappointed by online shopping due to the hectic and paid return policies. Sometimes the return process becomes extremely difficult that customers permanently abandon the online store and move on to the ones who provide them the desired services.

In a nutshell, the US consumer evolved with the eCommerce industry and changed their shopping behavior. So, although the pandemic had a huge impact on consumer habits in the traditional shopping methods, it boosted the eCommerce industry and the number of online shoppers.

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