New Visual Search Experience to Users through Google Web Stories


New Visual Search Experience to Users through Google Web Stories

Recently, Google renamed AMP stories as web stories. AMP stories were a visual-content feature that was launched in February 2012 and is similar to the stories of Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, in 2020, Google decided to upgrade this into a feature that delivers a visual story narration by tapping on it and called it the web stories.

With Google’s web stories, the users get a full-screen visual experience by utilizing Google’s AMP technology. Google web stories let you post the stories on your website, making it different than Facebook and Instagram. You can also enhance your web stories with links, call-to-action, and Google AdWords.

It lets you share your content using individual story panels that users can click through for interaction. With web stories, brands can leverage maximum SEO opportunities and create the most immersive storytelling experience for their users.

How to create Google web stories?

Storytelling helps you put different elements of the story and visualize before making it live. Before creating web stories, reflect on your brand image, decide on CTA placement, and decide where you want to put your ads. As google web stories require heavy coding, you’ll need to hire a coding engineer that helps you out.  Even if you do not have a technical background, you can use a few tools to create your Google stories.

These are the steps you can follow to create your brand stories.

  • Pick a third-party tool and create stories without involving the coding.
  • After creating the stories, ensure that it is a valid AMP.
  • Use the necessary metadata to ensure that your stories are visible on Google search and Google Discover.
  • Lastly, check if Google has indexed your stories. You can review your status using Sitemap reports.

You can use a few tools for creating google web stories, such as Google WordPress Plugin, make stories, and Newsroom AI. Google plug-in allows you to create your stories within WordPress website CMS. Your WordPress media library is available to google web stories as that is already integrated into your website. You can easily drag and drop your creation and publish stories directly on the website.

Newsroom AI is free and comes with numerous features. It lets you analyze and track the performance of your stories. In addition, Newsroom offers numerous features that can be modified to change the text, image, and visuals. Although Newsroom AI is free, it has a paid version that gives you access to Getty’s editorial image library and Getty videos.

Here are some of the benefits of using Google web stories that show why it is a better alternative to social media platforms.

  • You have full authority over your content.
  • You can reinvent your whole website n a whole different way.
  • Users find it interesting.
  • They provide an amazing website experience.
  • They are fun to create.
  • You can get more Ad opportunities.

Google Web Stories helps to increase your online visitors, improve conversion rates, and boost your brand. It is very beneficial as it builds your reputation and gains customer loyalty. You can take your business up to the next level with Google web stories.

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