Marketing Tasks you should automate for Better Results


Marketing Tasks you should automate for Better Results

In the hard and fast world, automation is a blessing for the marketing team. Marketing automation reduces manual efforts and delivers the relevant content at a precise time. Research shows that 66% of marketers said marketing automation improved their targeting abilities, and 64% claimed it made their campaign execution and tracking seamless.

Here is a few marketing tasks that you can start automating. Let’s dwell on it.


As we know, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. According to Statista, a total of 306.4 billion emails have been sent and received, and the number is expected to reach up to 376.4 billion by 2025. Therefore, automating emails will help you reach out to more audiences compared to done manually.

In 2020, automated emails sent by eCommerce sites had an open rate of 30.59 and a conversion rate of 51.9%. There are many automation tools available in the market that handles the process once you set up customer information.

Social Media

Social media can help you reach out to various audiences who haven’t heard about your brand. Social media promotion can automatically step up your marketing game. With automation tools, you can set up a schedule by plugging in your social media content.

With social media automation, you can seamlessly analyze your social media analytics, accessible social listing for brand, industry, and keyword mentions in real-time, and integrate a contact database for sales and marketing intelligence.


Analytics help marketers determine the content that increases online traffic, leads, and conversions. Analytics automation tools provide accurate marketing metrics in real-time. It improves site analytics, social media analytics, email analytics, and closed-loop analytics.

Additionally, sophisticated analytics tools can help you track your campaigns, record revenue, and generate reports that give a thorough financial understating and help you plan your marketing strategies.

A/B testing

You can run an A/B test simultaneously on various features, such as CTA buttons, images, videos, etc., and determine where to make changes that can lead to changes. Continuously testing your website can detect crucial opportunities for improvement and insights into customer behavior. It improves your company as per customer requirements.

You can design marketing experiments, gather results, and apply intelligence with minimal effort. A/B testing will help you test visual elements, page copy, layouts, landing page format, emails, and website navigation bars.

Lead Management

Lead management automation can simplify contact management. It includes automatic lead qualification, publicly available data population, web analytics integration, personalized content recommendation, and dynamic forms for progressive profiling.

In a nutshell, marketing automation can save you time, effort, and money. You can focus on the important aspects of your business when your marketing is automatically getting taken care of. Integrating automation in your marketing strategy won’t reduce your brand’s likability and authenticity. It will enhance your ability to deliver personalized and high-value customer services.

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