How to Connect With Millennial Shoppers + Millennial Marketing Hacks


How to Connect With Millennial Shoppers + Millennial Marketing Hacks

Millennials- the generation between 18 to 35 years challenges everything. Some may say they are very self-absorbed, some may say they are brand freaks. That’s not entirely true. Millennial shoppers do some research, test the products, and then make the purchase. Therefore, you need a really good marketing strategy and valued products to impress them and make them your regular customers.

Although they are very rebellious, they are the most valued audience for every eCommerce business. According to Statista, there are 72.12 million millennial shoppers in the USA, and their household expenditure is around $59,866 annually.

Well, do not worry. Here are a few tips you can follow to grab their attention and earn their loyalty.

Offer Seamless Responsive Experience

Millennials are always stuck to their mobile phones. They use their mobile devices to complete the majority of tasks, including online shopping. Therefore, it is very important to provide them a smooth mobile experience to keep them engaged.

They do not hesitate to abandon one eCommerce site and go to another one if their requirements are not fulfilled. Here are two ways you can optimize your mobile responsiveness and deliver a smooth user experience.

  • Maintain Fast Loading Speed

Research shows that people will abandon it and move to another brand if your website takes more than 3 seconds to launch. Millennial shoppers are very impatient, thus, ensure that your website has a quick response time and loads quickly. You can check your website loading speed with available tools and get the best guidance.

Also, compress any heavy images on your website to improve the loading speed.

  • Use proper CTA

To impress millennial shoppers, your CTA game should be on the top. Ensure that your CTA is not misleading and is properly working. Do not overlap CTAs and make the navigation easier.

  • Practice Social Proof

Millennials do not trust hyped advertisements, in fact, most of them use ad blockers in their browsers. Instead, they usually go for the products that the majority of people have tried and liked. That’s when Social proof comes into play.

As we know, social proof is a psychological practice that many brands use to attract more customers. The more good reviews a product gets, the more likely chances that the majority of people will buy it. Therefore, make sure to use the social proof properly to gain more attention from the millennial audience. A few social proof practices consist of celebrity endorsement, customer reviews and testimonials, trust badges, and customer engagement on social media.

  • Offer Rewards

Well, if your customers find a better deal at another brand, they won’t hesitate to abandon your store and move to the next one. People love discounts, good deals, and rewards. Therefore, make the best use of them and attract more users.

Show off all the benefits, exclusive deals, and offers on your webpage to grab their attention. Additionally, the millennial generation loves personalization. Thus, ensure to provide them the best-personalized user experience by offering them a special discount on their special days and some exclusive deals for being a loyal customer. This will have a good impression on them, and they will stick to your brand for the long run.

In a nutshell, the millennial generation may seem hard to impress in the beginning, but once they become fond of your brand, they are not going to leave you. All you have to do is practice a few strategies to impress them, and voila! You get your customers for a lifetime.

Still, confused and don’t know what to do? Contact USA Commerce and get the best guidance from our experts to optimize your online store and get better customer engagement.

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