Excellent Tips To Make Your Website More Accessible To Everyone

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Excellent Tips To Make Your Website More Accessible To Everyone

According to CDC, 25% of people in the United States have disabilities. Still, the majority of websites fail to be compatible with them and lack accessibility features, meaning so many people struggle to access the website. When you start building your website, your goal should be to make it more accessible for all visitors, even for people with disabilities.

Website accessibility means your website design is compatible to access for people with disabilities. This includes all the people facing problems with hearing and visual difficulties, using the mouse, reading and understanding the content, and older people.

Here are some common barriers to website accessibility.

  • Audio-video content without subtitles.
  • Complex navigation
  • Small buttons
  • Incorrect fonts
  • Color-coded directions
  • Only having one way for communication, for example, only emails or phone numbers.

Optimizing your website for disabled people will make it easier for them, and you’ll attract more visitors. They are going to brag about how easy it is to access your website, turning them into your brand ambassador. Here are a few tips you can implement to make your website more accessible.

  • Add images with ALT text

Adding images to your website is very important, but it is a bit difficult for blind people or people with low vision to follow them. Adding ATL text with your images makes it is for them to comprehend.

ALT text means adding a small description of the image in a text form below the image. This way, people with disabilities can easily get the content of your image and act accordingly.

  • Allow users to change the font size

Small texts are difficult to read by people with low vision. Therefore, you should add an option to enlarge your website’s font size. It is a win-win situation for both parties, as it will not change the website’s look and make it easier for users to read.

Also, ensure your CTA buttons are clearly visible, not overlapping, and easy to click on. And use a neutral color scheme so that color blind people have no difficulty finding them.

  • Keep the contrast visibility in check

Many people have color sensitivity, thus, choose colors that are different from each other, so the text is easily readable. Do not use light colors in a dark background, such as red text in black background. Avoid these kinds of combinations for maximum accessibility.

Ideally, black/blue text in white background is the perfect contrast for the websites. However, keep in mind to check the color of your CTA. It should not blend in the background.

  • Allow users to navigate with keyboards.

Blind people and users with mobility disabilities have a hard time using the computer mouse. They need to access the website with a keyboard and use “tab” and “arrow” keys to navigate their way. All menus of your website should be accessible via the keyboard. In addition, your users should be able to easily access URLs, Anchor texts, widgets, forms, And CTA with the keyboard.

Creating your website accessible is your moral duty. Implementing these steps into your design will make your website more accessible for disabled people and make it easy for search engines to understand your website better. Eventually, it will increase your rankings on SERPs.

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