How to Leverage Google Maps Features For your Businesses


How to Leverage Google Maps Features For your Businesses

Google has many impressive applications implemented with the latest technologies, such as Artificial intelligence. However, Google Maps is one of the apps Google has done most efforts to make it more spontaneous and convenient for its users.

Most people use Google maps to get to their desired location, find directions, check traffic, and look up the location with street view and photos. According to Statista, in 2018, out of 45000 businesses, 75% of them were listing views on Google My business, and 25% were on Google Maps.

However, Google maps have opened a new opportunity for businesses around the world. You can enlist your business on Google and use it as a part of your marketing tactics. Google Marketing makes it easy to find your business regardless of its size. If used correctly, Google marketing can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

This article sheds light on the latest Google map features and how you can use them to enhance your business.

New Google Map features:

The developer team of Google is trying their best to add the latest features to make its user’s work easier by introducing new exciting features frequently. Here are a few latest features you can expect from Google Maps.

  • Augmented Reality

With VPS- Visual Positioning System, it has been easier to combine camera capabilities with street view. This way, you get the best 360-degree view without wearing the AR headset.

  • Personalization

Google’s algorithm will show you similar businesses as per your previous searches. For example, if you have searched for “Bookstore near me”, the next time it will show you the relevant suggestions. Additionally, if you have visited specific restaurants, this data will also get stored with Google’s algorithm and give you similar suggestions next time.

  • Virtual Assistant Implemented with AI

With Google’s latest AI-powered Virtual assistant, you can plan out your entire day. It displays the top trends, informs you about the latest events and activities happening around you, and will give you the top suggestions for restaurants and nearby businesses based on your preferences.

  • Messaging

With the messaging facilities, customers can directly contact the business representative and get assistant. For example, customers can directly tell their requirements and get a reply whether the business can fulfill them or not.

This way, customers can save time, and businesses can get to know the market demands. Businesses can modify themselves according to the market requirements and enhance their business.

You can use all these features to enhance your business. Google is constantly updating its strategies to provide the best assistance to business owners and help them enhance their business. You can use Google marketing as per your business requirements and improve your marketing game.

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