Latest Commerce Trends to enhance Customer Services in 2021

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Latest Commerce Trends to enhance Customer Services in 2021

The coronavirus Epidemic made customers change their regular habits. With the rise in digitization and online shopping, the eCommerce industry grew like never before. In the Q1 of 2021, the total U.S. retail sales were 13.6 percent, generating a total revenue of $215 billion.

With the new adjustments, consumers have higher expectations from retailers. Thus, eCommerce stores are adapting all the new technologies and trends to mark their online presence and make them stand out in the market. In addition, they are trying their best to improve their customer services and deliver a seamless, safe, and contactless experience.

Here are a few trends that retailers need to consider to enhance customer services and get more conversions.

Contactless Technology 

The world has adapted and gotten used to the contactless approach, and they have become more comfortable with it. According to a survey, 77% of customers expect to increase their use of contactless technologies to avoid in-person interactions.

In 2021, the majority of consumers used the BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up in-store) and other pickup options for seamless and contactless shopping. To keep the customers engaged, retailers need to improvise their delivery structure and pay attention to contactless customer services.

Digitized Customer Services 

In this digitized era, where everybody is reliant on technologies, retailers must implement digitized customer services. Nowadays, customers have high expectations. They expect an instant response to their queries regarding deliveries, payment issues, quality, or anything else.

Good customer service is a key to get customers to keep engaged to their online store. Thus, retailers need to invest in customer service executives that will always be available to resolve customer queries in real-time. Additionally, you can add chatbots to your store to make up for the offline hours.

Personalized Shopping Journey        

Personalization instantly improves the entire customer experience. For a seamless journey, retailers need to make their eCommerce store accessible to everyone. Your store should have a seamless navigation path that makes the product search easier for customers. Additionally, high-quality images, ALT texts, and clear prices (tax and shipping included) can make a huge difference in a customer’s shopping journey.

To provide a personalized experience, gather necessary personal information of your customer’s via surveys or social media. Use this information to create a customer-centric environment. When customers see the products of their interest in front of them, they will instantly buy them. In addition, 52% of people admit that they prefer a personalized experience and will stick to the brand when they find it.

Omnichannel Influence  

Omnichannel includes multiple digital channels that work in unison to support the customers whenever and wherever they shop, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. When in 2021, both digital and offline stores are available, the majority of people are going to opt for digital purchases. According to a survey, Omnichannel shopping was increased by 50% in 2020 and is expected to grow even more.

In a nutshell, the changed behavior during the pandemic has had a huge impact on the eCommerce industry. It altered traditional retail techniques and forced the brands to find new ways to reconnect with their customers and provide them with a smooth eCommerce experience. For a long successful run, brands need to implement all the latest digital trends and enhance their customer services.

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