Ideas To Reinvent Your Ecommerce Business Dramatically

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Ideas To Reinvent Your Ecommerce Business Dramatically

Everyone deserves some changes. With new changes, everything seems so better and refreshed. Just like humans, your eCommerce store also needs a makeover. Website innovation doesn’t mean changing a few fonts and buttons. Changing an eCommerce store is challenging, as it is hard to plan and implement. The correct invention has great advantages. According to Statista, E-commerce market revenue was almost US$2,027,945m in 2019.

Here are a few ideas that can you can implement to reinvent your eCommerce business and enhance the business.

  • Create a new product category:

Adding new product categories attracts more customers. When you launch a new category, add a proper introduction as well as good photographs. Develop a separate page about your product, its features, and a great deal. An appealing product page will not only attract new customers but also increase the number of new visitors.

  • Try-out various pricing strategy:

Setting the right price for your products is essential. The low price may be customer-friendly, but it doesn’t always beneficial for your brand. At the same time, a high price can make you lose customers. Balancing between the high and low prices can make a huge impact on your business.

  • Improve product search:

First of all, put your search box where everyone can easily see it. Make sure to check whether or not it is giving the exact results. A weak product result will have a huge effect on your customer experience. Improve your search results with good filtering options and make sure your structure is user-friendly.

  • Build a responsive design:

One of the best eCommerce ideas is to build a responsive website.  As the number of mobile phones is increasing, having a mobile-friendly strategy is vital. Small screens require reinventing everything from scratch. If your responsive website is not effective, it will cost you at least half of the traffic coming from mobile devices.

  • Give your customer a personalized experience:

Customers are more likely to return to the store if they are treated properly. Use all the previous data to know about users’ preferences and likings. Then, showcase and recommend their products accordingly.

Personalized content increases the trust and loyalty in customers, resulting in more sales. Whether it is creating a personalized homepage, product pages, or adding product visualizations, personalization is one of the effective eCommerce business ideas.

  • Suggest complementary products:

Suggesting complementary products is also known as upselling. When you recommend customers additional relevant products, it increases sales. Create packages of similar or relevant products and offer some discount on buying the combo. It is a great way to increase the profit margin and conversion rates.

  • Enable product visualization:

Product visualization means showing your customers how your product looks in real life. Many eCommerce stores, such as the fashion industry, interior designing, and home décor, have started using AR (Augmented Reality) to showcase their products. This helps customers to know about the exact color, features, and dimensions of the product.

Like we said, implementing an effective change can help your business reach the next level. Reinventing your eCommerce website means making your brand, products, and shopping experience unique in the market. Various changes in your strategy can have a huge impact on both your ROI and your customers.

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