How to use LinkedIn for Marketing

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How to use LinkedIn for Marketing

Did you know LinkedIn had 64.7 million active users in 2021 in the United States alone? And it is expected to reach up to 66.8 million by 2022, making it one of the most used social networks. LinkedIn is a powerful network that can help you improve brand awareness, build your network, increase conversions, and boost revenue, yet it is underutilized by most businesses.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media tools that can help you improve your marketing strategy and get a wider audience. Let’s understand what LinkedIn marketing is and how you can use it.

LinkedIn marketing means using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, enhance brand awareness, share content, and drive traffic to your website. LinkedIn has numerous professional networks that can help you successfully market your business. With LinkedIn, you get the features, such as analysis, connections, and brand-building.

Listed below are the best LinkedIn marketing practices you can implement in your marketing strategies.

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the essentials to get user attention in every social marketing strategy. If used properly, hashtags can help you reach out to new audiences, industries, and niches. But, if you use the wrong ones, you can lose your existing audience. Thus, crafting the balance between relevant and popular hashtags is extremely important.

In the beginning, start with three or five hashtags relevant to your niche. Lesser-known hashtags can reach a specific audience that can easily engage with your brand and LinkedIn content.

2. Appropriate use of LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn page

LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn pages have different purposes. Pages are public, and profiles are private. Both have a different set of tools you can leverage to attract a specific audience.

Users can follow LinkedIn pages without sending a connection request, meaning the LinkedIn user can share your page with their connections, and their connections can follow your page and see your business content. It increases customer engagement and boosts your conversions.

With LinkedIn profiles, users can easily communicate with their connections. Both LinkedIn profile and page can work in harmony to provide an excellent marketing workflow.

3. Create posts of varying lengths

Different posts can keep your content fresh, relevant, and attract more visitors. Variation in the content will entice curiosity among your network and keep them engaged with your brand. Develop a schedule of publishing various content, such as videos, short articles, blogs, etc., to make your customers interested in the next content you drop.

4. Share External Articles

LinkedIn supports external links to blogs and websites. Therefore, you can easily share relevant content on your page, use hashtags, and tag them in your post. In return, they may share your content on their page as well. This practice will make your page more interesting and help you reach out to different types of audiences.

5. Be consistent in publishing

LinkedIn has one of the most extended content lifespans that requires consistency. To build trust between your networks, you need to publish your content frequently. Fix your schedule at your convenience and stick to it for a month. It will leave a good impression on your audience and have them coming back to your brand.

Regardless of your business type and size, you can modify your marketing strategies with LinkedIn marketing and boost your conversions. With numerous updates and tools, LinkedIn can help you grow your network by being a vital resource for marketers and entrepreneurs to connect with each other and enhance their business.

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