How to sell successfully on Amazon?

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How to sell successfully on Amazon?

The eCommerce industry has changed throughout the years, and so have consumers. They do a lot of thinking and research before making a purchase. In addition, smartphones have made it easier for them to search for their desired products.

Amazon is dominating the retail eCommerce market with 38.7% of the total share. Therefore, most of the retailers have started selling their products on Amazon, and the number of seller accounts is constantly increasing. But there are certain things you should keep in mind before starting to sell on Amazon.

Let’s take a look.

●Create Proper Product Catalog

Creating a proper product catalog for Amazon is very important, as Amazon has thousands of products on its platform. With a thorough catalog, a customer can easily narrow down their searches through the search bar or using the filters.

In the product catalog, product details play an important role. It helps Amazon display the relevant search products to the customers. The more detailed specifications increase the chances of fitting into the user’s criteria and grabbing the customer’s attention.

●Move to Fulfilment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon, aka, FBA is the program that lets the sellers ship their merchandise in advance to Amazon’s warehouse so that whenever an order comes, Amazon can quickly send it to the buyers.

By implementing FBA in your business plan, you can easily focus on other important aspects of your business. As FBA will take care of all the shipping, customer services, delivery, and return. Additionally, it lets you sell your products on Amazon prime.

●Compete Using Pricing

The reason people prefer Amazon is the deals it offers. Therefore, to mark your presence on Amazon, set a reasonable price. If you are new and not sure about your pricing, you can use pricing tools and set your prices according to your profit margins.

Additionally, Amazon offers an automated pricing tool to determine the prices and change them according to prices drops and hikes.

●Use Amazon Keyword Tools

As we know, keywords help you get discovered on search engines. The same thing happens with Amazon, too. Amazon keywords help users find their desired product. Right keywords directly take the customers to the correct products. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the right keywords to draw customers towards your product.

●Put Clear Product Images

One drawback in the eCommerce business, it that customers cannot see the actual product unless it is delivered. Therefore, they are a bit reluctant to make the purchase. Thus, it is essential to submit clear product images so that customers can see what they are getting.

Amazon has strict image rules for images, such as your image size should be 1006 pixels. Also, keep in mind that you use a white background in your images as it gives a clear view and does not overshadow the colors.

●Manage Inventory Productivity

Amazon has a huge audience, thus, it can give you a bad reputation if your product is always out of stock. In addition, your inventory has a direct impact on your sales rank. Therefore, make sure that you have enough stock, and all the products are pre-ordered before it ends.

Examine your sales and determine the peak time and plan your inventory accordingly. Also, be sure to have enough stocks during festivals and important events.

Amazon is the biggest marketplace that provides great opportunities to retailers. Selling on the Amazon platform has numerous benefits that can help you beat your rivals and generate a hefty revenue. So don’t wrestle your brain much and start selling on Amazon using these tips and expand your business.

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