How to Optimize Your Listings and Rank with Amazon SEO

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How to Optimize Your Listings and Rank with Amazon SEO

It’s not a secret that Amazon is the world’s biggest eCommerce platform. Since its inception, Amazon has had more than 213.56 million visitors and has generated over $386.06 billion. Unfortunately, it makes marking their online presence harder for small businesses. Putting themselves into Amazon’s shoes is harder as consumer expectations have increased due to Amazon’s excellent customer services.

Amazon SEO can help you optimize your product listing, resulting in more visibility and higher rankings. People enter keywords on Amazon search bars to find what they are looking for and click on their preferred result. Amazon’s algorithm works similarly to Google’s algorithm. As a business owner, it is important to get higher rankings on Amazon, just like Google. If you rank on the 3rd page of Amazon, you won’t make your desired sales.

Amazon’s algorithm rankings can be separated into 2 categories.

1. Relevance

The relevance algorithm reflects how well your keyword works in an Amazon search. Here’s how you can improve your rankings with Amazon SEO.

  • Listing Titles

Amazon has a transparent SEO policy for its algorithm and has created a list of the relevant keywords with title guidance. The guide contains a few rules, such as 200 characters limit, no promo phase, no special characters, and product identifying keywords.

To get better rankings on Amazon, your keywords should include brand, color, material, product type, size, and quantity.

  • Bullet Points

You can highlight your best product features with bullet points. They are easier to get attention to and can help you convince your customers.

  • Product Photos

Product photos play an important role in the eCommerce business. However, poor product photos can harm your website’s reputation and lower your rankings. Conversely, appealing photos increase your chances of getting more rankings.

Your product images should not contain offensive content, added texts, and graphics. It should be clear with white background, professionally lit, and your products should cover 85% of the entire image.

  • Listing Description

Product descriptions are as important as product images. It gives details about product details, features, and functionalities. To get better rankings, do not copy product descriptions from other sites. Instead, create your own witty and appealing product description with relevant keywords to increase your reach and get better rankings.

  • Backend Keywords

Backend keywords are the invisible keywords that can help the customers find your products when they search for similar products. For example, you can choose men’s bottom wear as your backend keyword if you sell men’s pants.

A few things should keep in mind while crafting Amazon’s backend keywords: always use single space in keywords and do not add misleading items, subjective keywords, misspellings, repetition, and offensive words.

2. Performance

Your rankings depend on your sales. The more sales you make the higher your rankings will be. You can improve your performance by following these tips.

  • Improve Reviews

Product reviews are one of the best ways you can get more conversions. Encourage your customers to leave you positive reviews and do not hesitate to show them off. You can ask for their reviews through emails and push notifications after the product is delivered.

Additionally, you can host giveaways to get a bigger audience and get more positive reviews.

  • Active Q&A section

The biggest drawback of online shopping is that the customers cannot see the actual products. Therefore, keeping an active Q&A section will help them clear their doubt instantly.

In Q&A sections, most of the time, other customers answer the queries, making the requester relieved and believe that somebody had a good experience with the product. This increases the trust between the brand and customers and improves your rankings.

  • Product Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the most important things when it comes to selling on Amazon. To create a successful pricing strategy, you can observe your competitors and check out their pricing. If they are selling products much cheaper than yours, you may not get the first page rankings.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you create your amazon SEO strategy that you can use to enhance your business. Observe your competitors and understand the marketing tactics. It will help you get the best rankings to fulfill your dreams and enhance your businesss.

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