How to leverage Twitter Community for your business?

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How to leverage Twitter Community for your business?

Social media community refers to a specific group of people who share similar interests. A study shows that 40% marketers believe that community groups have become essential for business growth. LinkedIn and Facebook has already launched the community feature on their social media platform, however, twitter is bit behind in this race.

Twitter has more than 210 million active daily users. Therefore, leveraging its community to boost conversion is extremely beneficial doe businesses. Twitter did announce its community support in 2019, but hasn’t offered a special platform yet. They started testing a sub community platform called twitter community (It’s only active on iOS).

Twitter community allows users to engage with one another in the private channel based on their interest. However, members can tweet messages that are only visible within the community. Twitter community has three types: Admins, Moderators, and Members. Twitter community is another way for businesses to reach their audience and connect with them.

As we know, twitter community is created for the people with similar interest, you can easily find your targeted audience and get better insights of what resonates with them. As of now, you can only access the twitter community only if you have been approved to start your own or if you are invited to one. As a non-member, you can only view the community page and cannot interact with them.

Twitter has set up a request from where users can ask to become a member or a moderator. It requires a public account, at least six months old, a verified mobile number or email, turned on two-factor authentication, and zero violation of twitter’s terms and conditions.

Once your request gets approved, you can start using it to connect with their target audience and build a community for your brand. However, do not use twitter to promote your products and services to a specific groups of users. Your community is meant to improve your engagement, not increasing promotion.

Your content strategy should not revolve around promotion, even though it is a base of your brand awareness. The best way to have a meaningful connection on twitter is to mention people in your post when retweeting. Also, comment on the page that has similar niche. It will help the audience recognize your brand and encourage them to connect with you.

A Twitter community isn’t just a way to engage customers; it can also help you learn what topics, challenges, and topics resonate with your users. Create unique and useful communities by mentioning new products and features, following people relevant to your brand, and replying, liking, mentioning, and retweeting their tweets.

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