How to find Manufacturer or Supplier for your Business


How to find Manufacturer or Supplier for your Business

Once you finalize your business and products, the biggest problem you face is to find a suitable manufacturer or supplier for your products. Finding a perfect supplier is extremely important as your product quantity depends on the raw material. Good product quality will enhance your brand reputation and get you more attractions.

With the rise of the eCommerce business, many manufacturers came forward in the market. Even if you have an excellent product idea or the best prototyping tools, all your efforts can go in the vein if you pick the wrong suppliers.

This article will provide you with a few tricks on finding a suitable manufacturer for your business product.

Types of Suppliers

You can either get a local supplier or an international supplier. Overseas suppliers are primarily from Asian countries, like China, India, and Taiwan, as they provide the best raw material at cheap rates. Both local and international suppliers have their pros and cons.

Pros of Local Suppliers  

  • Convenient communication, higher labor standards, easy verification, and greater security of payment and resources.

Cons of Local Suppliers             

  • High manufacturing costs and fewer product choices

Pros of International Suppliers

  • Low manufacturing costs, multiple options to choose from, and a one-stop medium (Alibaba) to quickly get the suppliers on one platform.

Cons of International suppliers

  • Little property protection, language, communication, and time-zone barriers, difficulty in verifying the manufacturers, cultural differences, and less security.

Where to Find Manufacturers

Once you finalize your preferences, you need to find your manufacturers. You can find your preferable manufacturers from directories, Google, local libraries, and referrals.

Directories are one of the best free supplier providers. You can find numerous contacts through these directories. And who doesn’t use Google? You can find everything on this search platform, along with verified manufacturers and suppliers.

Additionally, local libraries are your best source to find manufacturers if you are going for local manufacturers. You can get the best contacts through local libraries and referrals as well. You can ask your local group or your business friends for references, and they may direct you in the right direction.


Negotiating the minimum quantity for the first-timers is vital. Every manufacturer requires a commitment of a minimum number of products for first-time customers. The quantity depends on the manufacturer and the type of business.

In the initial stage, it is hard for business owners to order a large number of supplies on the first go. Therefore, negotiating the minimum order quantity is extremely beneficial. Before placing your order, understand their basic requirements and if they work with big buyers. It will help you approach them and narrow down the best offers.

After negotiating the terms, you can give your order a small quantity by offering a big security deposit or paying slightly higher prices for the products or supplies.

How to Get the Best Quote

After completing all the above steps, now it’s time to prepare the best quote for manufacturers. While requesting a quote, here are a few things you should keep in mind. The foremost thing is the MOQs-minimum order quantity. Ensure that your MOQ is accepted and manageable by your supplier.

Before placing an order, checking the samples is necessary. Thus, ask for their sample pricing and find out if they provide you the free samples. Once you are satisfied with the sample quality, you need to ask for their retail pricing. Additionally, ask them if they are providing any discount on bulk orders.

However, you need to approach your client in a very professional way so that your mail doesn’t get ignored. Ensure that your email is short and straightforward. Do not ask for too much quantity, strictly ask for the quantity that you require. Too many quotes can confuse the seller, and they might end up ignoring you.

It can be challenging for newcomers to choose the right manufacturer and supplier for their business. Finding a suitable manufacturer and supplier that fulfills your business requirements are a bit hard. Hopefully, these tips will help you find a perfect manufacturer for your business and get you the best audience.

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