How Entrepreneurs Can Beat Amazon at Organic Search?


How Entrepreneurs Can Beat Amazon at Organic Search?

Amazon is the sole company to own almost half of the retailing sales of 2018. Amazon has an amazing grip on the eCommerce market, and it is getting stronger day by day, all due to its effective search tactics.

Being a giant enterprise, Amazon has an unlimited budget for paid search and display ads on search engines. It makes it hard for new entrepreneurs to step into their shoes within their limited budget. Amazon has an amazing SEO strategy that makes the company in top search results for any product listed on its platform.

Here’s how new entrepreneurs can beat Amazon at organic search.

  • Chase Page 1 Ranking

Chasing the ranking of being on the first page or Google search engine is not easy. It involves a lot of factors that you cannot control. Google’s algorithm prioritizes the webpage based on the quality and the number of backlinks. Backlinks play an important role in webpage ranking, thus it is important to create a solid backlink strategy to make your website visible.

Here are the three steps you can create a remarkable backlink strategy and improve your online presence.

  • Create Relevant Content

The most effective way to improve your rankings is to create content that other sites want to use as a reference. There are numerous examples of useful content, such as posting blogs on your areas of expertise. Additionally, you can create decent resources, including the research or survey pages, and add them to your blog posts or promote them on your websites and industrial publications.

You can provide valuable findings and improve your visibility. For example, you can gather all the numerical data of the world’s economic changes throughout the pandemic, and your research may help the students to put their data together. It will increase your visibility, and the more views it gets, it makes it easier for the Google algorithm to identify it and putting it ahead in the rankings.

  • Reach Out to Resource Pages

Linking your page to outside resources is one of the best strategies to get more visibility, as you can get the attention of the publisher on your content and get the link to your resources included on their page. All you need to do is find a resource page in your industry, upload your content there, and get the benefits.

  • Fix the Broken Backlinks

If you feel your website has become invisible, the first thing you need to check is if the backlinks you provided are working correctly. No business wants broken links on their pages, as it has numerous disadvantages.

If you find any of your backlinks broken, you can get them repaired by implementing a few simple strategies and improve your online presence. You can replace your content with the broken links or contact the owner of the website and get them to fix the issue.

However, you can also use an email webmaster to find out the broken link and suggest relevant content.

Amazon is a big brand, no doubt. And it is hard to beat their organic search, but with thorough planning and strong backlinks strategies, you can compete with it and gain your visibility amongst the page rankings and enhance your business alongside Amazon.

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