Google Workspace Apps Are Officially Free for Everyone Now


Google Workspace Apps Are Officially Free for Everyone Now

Google has announced that anyone can use their business-facing productivity space for free. You can integrate your digital experience with Gmail, Google Docs, and chat in one system. More than 3 billion people use Google Workspace, and the total revenue of the cloud and collaboration market is expected to reach around $93.9 billion in 2025.

You can see the Google Workspace logo if you use Google in a web browser, but it mostly goes unnoticed as the logo disappears in a second while logging in. Nowadays, the majority of businesses use Google Workspace, and now it is free of cost, thus, you can use it to make remarkable changes and enhance your business.

Let’s see how you can utilize Google Workspace in your business.

  • Collaboration

Nowadays, collaboration has become essential for companies like Google and Microsoft due to the need to work from home. Google Workspace lets teams of all sizes connect with each other, create and collaborate.

Google has included chat rooms in its Workspace, and you can use Google Chat for direct communication and chat rooms. Google chat room is not only for instant messaging, with the update in Google space, but Google has also included threading, emojis, moderation tool, and discoverable space.

  • Productive Workspace Features

In the latest update, Google has announced the background noise cancellation feature and a companion mode in the video calling app. Also, Google has announced that its Docs will have client-side encryption to make the user data indecipherable. Workspace users can directly control its encryption keys and get Google’s native web-based collaboration features across platforms like Drives, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Integration of Google Workspace with CRM and other third-party apps

Your team can easily work across the platforms from inside the Google Workspace by integrating Google Workspace with CRM and other third-party apps. Users can easily access work apps with a single sign-in and get all the data without going to the other apps. This way, you don’t waste your time switching in between app without worrying about data inconsistencies and get a productivity boost.

With CRM integration, employees can auto-log tasks, calls, meetings, and emails within Gmail and can pull any CRM data into Google sheets.

  • Save your business data with Google Vault

Google vaults let you save your important data for a long time. You can set retention rules on certain Workspace apps to preserve the data even from suspended or deleted accounts. It ensures the security of your data even if any employee leaves the company.

Google Workspace has a universal search feature to make it easy to find what you are looking for and export it in printable forms if required. With Google Vault, you can seamlessly track user activity and see their searches, content views, and exports.

Google Workspace allows your business to organize and control more features so that you can secure your business data, documents, and leverage AI to enhance your business and provide a seamless work experience. It helps you to experience a new digital transformation and the ability to work in a new way.

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