Google Shares Technical SEO Best Practices For Ecommerce Sites

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Google Shares Technical SEO Best Practices For Ecommerce Sites

SEO, as known as search engine optimization, is essential for eCommerce sites to increase online visibility. The better visibility your website has, the more attention and visitors you’ll gain. Search engines use bots to crawl pages of the websites to collect information and put them into an index. Then, it analyses this index and determines the order of the page based on multiple ranking factors and signals.

The search engines are designed to display relevant, authoritative pages and provide users an effective search experience. Optimizing your website and content with the proper SEO strategies will help you gain more visibility and higher rank on SERPs.

Google provides guidance to eCommerce site owners, regarding the practices for providing the precise product details for the search engine. Google can improve user’s shopping experience by applying the direct search engine format with accurate product data, such as pricing, photograph, etc.

This article will provide you the insight of product data and how you can use it to optimize the rankings of your website.

What is product data?

Although Google can crawl the website and index the content, it cannot pull out some of the product page data. The merchants are required to fill out this information through a structured data markup, a product feed, and Google Merchant Centre.

Online store owners have to help Google verify some important data such as original price and discounted price, product and its related products, and actual pricing with taxes and shipping.

 Ways to provide Product Data?

  • Information provided through structured data

Google can correctly understand all the product information is through structured data. You can use structured data by embedding it on a page as JSON-LD encoded content.

Understating the various parts of the structured data markup can help you learn how to use it.

Structured data types are spelled with PascalCase. Creative work, Articles, blogs, reviews, etc., are some of the PascalCase structured data examples.

  • Google Merchant Center

In the Merchant Center, you can submit your product data according to the requirements. With Google Merchant Center, you can create a free account to manage and send your feeds to google ads.

You can provide your product data through Google Merchant Center through the steps below.

  1. Manual submission of all product feed
  2. Use API to update product data separately

Structured data, product feeds, and content APIs are different ways you can provide your product information to Google. If your product details are authentic and appealing to customers, you can attract more visitors and high up your rankings on Search Engine Result Pages.

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