Do you know? Google has just launched a new eCommerce Site Audit tool


Do you know? Google has just launched a new eCommerce Site Audit tool

Google has launched simple webpage audit tools, such as Lighthouse, Pagespeed insight, the reworked search console, etc. After Playbook, Google has launched ‘Grow my store,’ especially for eCommerce sites, to help the website owner understand whether the consumer prefer their site or not.

This tool is easily available. To use this tool, you need to provide your email address and the URL of the store. After some time, they’ll send your result via email and gives you an overall score. This result breaks down into six categories.

  1. Product information:

This includes product details, ratings, reviews, searches, and prices.

  1. Personalization:

This category includes personalized accounts and wishlists.

  1. Flexible fulfillment:

Cart, next-day delivery (only provide if your products are ready to deliver), free returns, and multiple payment methods fall into this category.

  1. Customer service:

Customer services include a phone number, live chat, return policy, and social media. Ensure that all the contact details are fairly visible.

  1. Security:

Secure your sites with HTTPS.

  1. Mobile:

Make your site mobile-friendly, and make sure that it has enough speed to be compatible with mobile phones.

These are some arbitrary and some are pointers off audit tools available at Google.

While testing this tool, Google seemed to give the wrong answer. For example, Google missed the live chat function or mobile phone number. It lets you know that even though you have functionality on your site, Google was unable to identify it. The reason it was giving false negatives is that this tool is based on keyword scrapping. In simpler words, this tool is a simple way to categorize the changes you could make to your eCommerce site.

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