Google Dives Further Into New Deals & Ecommerce Shopping Features

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Google Dives Further Into New Deals & Ecommerce Shopping Features

Recently, Google has launched new features to enhance the shopping experience. As we know, Amazon dominates the eCommerce industry. And Google has been trying to fit catch-up to them for years. As of 2021, Amazon’s brand value touched $683.60 billion, and its annual net revenue was $368.60 billion.

However, Google has changed their entire shopping experience, although it is only in France and the USA only, and not available everywhere yet. In this update, Google has put the weight on personalization as it is Google’s strong suit. The data collected from Google’s search engine provides the necessary information to enhance personalization.

A study shows that only 22% of people are satisfied with the personalization efforts they receive while buying online. And Google is taking this into consideration and using this to their advantage. Let’s take a look at a few key points on how Google is creating its personalized shopping experience.

  • Product Recommendation

Based on their browse and purchase history, Google plans to send personalized recommendations to its users as they browse through the Google Shopping homepage.

  • Price Tracking

Customers can set up the price tracker on their preferred product, and Google will notify them when the retailers drop its price.

  • Local Product Searches

Just like its search engine, Google will allow users to search for specific products in their local area. Thus, making the shopping experience easier for them.

  • Instant Purchases

Google allows its users to directly make the purchase directly from its platform instead of going through the retailer’s website.

These new features will make the shopping experience easier for both customers and retailers by changing the way of their browsing and purchasing.

Now, let’s take a look at how Google is going to enhance the user experience?

  • Personalization

Studies show that 49% of customers have made unexpected purchases due to personalization, and 44% have become regular ones. As we know, Google is on the top of the personalization game.

Therefore, it is expanding its reach by implementing the eCommerce features, such as price tracking, to improve its personalization strategy and user experience.

  • Inspiration  

People usually go to Google for inspiration, Google can take this advantage and use that in their marketing strategy. Here the term inspiration refers to the customer journey where they search for specific products.

In the new Google shopping experience, Google will get the user’s attention by showing product references with their product searches features.

  • Convenient for online retailers

Along with the customers, Google shopping is beneficial for online retailers as well. Google’s shopping homepage makes the purchase easier with their personalization, leading customers to impulse buying. In the end, it benefits the retailers.

As we discussed earlier, Google is letting their customers search for the local retailers, it makes it easy for the retail brands that are not on Amazon. Therefore, it increases the opportunity for them to be discovered and expand their business.

Furthermore, the local retailers can list their store on Google business to get more reach and expand their business.

Along with these features, Google is also planning to implement Shop Pay- a Canadian payment services company, as a payment option for customers.

In a nutshell, Google won’t generate revenue from Amazon’s shopping ads, but it plans to dominate the eCommerce market by attracting more traffic to its services. No matter who’ll dominate the eCommerce market, retailers are going to get the biggest benefits. They’ll save the advertisement cost, and the innovation will help them get more customer attention.

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