Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website


Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

Creating content for your website is one of the best ways to attract visitors. Many visitors abandon the websites if they cannot find anything useful. Your content demonstrates the value of your brand, therefore it should be engaging and relevant.

Good content can help you gain more visitors and help you rank high on search engines as well. This article features some fundamental writing tips you can implement to write killer content for your website.

  • Identify your Audience

Let’s start with an example here. Let’s say your website features healthy lifestyle tips, your primary audience will be fitness enthusiastic, and the secondary audience will be gym trainers and people with similar hobbies.

To keep your audience engaged and entertained, ensure that your content is reaching the right people. Users can find content in numerous ways, such as social media sharing, links, email sharing, and search engines. Make your content optimized for search engines to get more audience.

  • Follow the inverted pyramid scheme.

The majority of people who search for information or read articles online have a very short attention span. So if they won’t find the required information quickly, they’ll abandon the website and move on to the next one. That’s why it is important to structure your content in a way where the most important details are on the top, and other relevant details are at the bottom, just like an inverted pyramid.

This way, you’ll reduce your bounce rates and gain more attraction. For example, many food websites have too much unnecessary information in the beginning, and it takes more time to reach the actual recipe, resulting in an increase in bounce rates.

  • Write short and simple sentences.

As we discussed earlier, the attention span of the online reader is very low, therefore they are going to bail out on reading the long and heavy sentences. Therefore, your content should have straightforward language. Short sentences make the article easier to read. You can use online tools to determine your sentence strength and modify them accordingly.

  • Try to minimize Passive Voice.

Your website publishes informative content, thus, your content should follow the active voice. In addition, an active voice makes it more appealing and reader-friendly. For example, “you can find this here” sounds better than “it can be found.”

  • Layer Website Content

You can easily direct your readers from one content to another on the website. Hyperlink a few pieces of content and help readers to find out new ones from your website. It will increase the time customer spends on your website and customer engagement ratio.

For example, on your website, there is one sentence that says-“this way you can increase your rankings with SEO” you can link your article about SEO with it. However, do not bombard customers with so many links. Your hyperlinks should be in a rational number.

  • Use proper CTA

With a proper CTA, you can make your content more effective. In general, a CTA button tells readers what to do after completing the article. For example, you can write “read more articles like this here” or “subscribe now.”

Writing content for a website can be a bit tricky, and it may not be correct in the first trial. However, with proper practice, you can improve your writing skills and create amazing articles that will make users hooked on your website.

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