Get Higher Rankings with Shopify SEO

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Get Higher Rankings with Shopify SEO

Getting a higher ranking is the ultimate goal for every business owner. Once you get the desired ranking, you can quickly get more conversions and more revenue. But getting a higher ranking is not as easy as being said. If you do not implement the correct strategies, your online presence and sales will get affected.

Shopify SEO helps you get the best rankings on Google’s SERPs and enhance your online presence. When used correctly, you can enhance your conversions, sales, and revenue. Let’s take a look at a few Shopify SEO that will help you boost your website traffic and get you a higher ranking on SERP.

Optimize your Website Structure     

The foremost thing you need to do is to optimize your website structure. The more organized your store is, the easier it is for visitors to browse, increasing the conversions. In addition, a simple website structure can make the navigation easy for customers as well as for search engines to crawl your online store and rank your products.

Always remember that your website is for customers, thus it is crucial to make it customer-friendly. Along with homepage and product pages, you need to insert About Me and Contact Us pages to make the interactions smooth for your customers and build trust between customers and brands.

Enhance User Experience        

To enhance the user experience, ensure that your website is easier to load and that customers can quickly access everything. As we know, a slow website leads to cart abandonment. Thus, to provide a smooth experience, make sure you use mobile-friendly themes, smaller images and avoid sliders.

Nowadays, the majority of people use mobile devices to access everything, thus it is crucial to make your website responsive to enhance user experience.

Use the Right Keywords          

SEO strategies are incomplete without the right keywords. You can easily get the best keywords by examining buyer persona, related forums, social media posts, titles, Meta descriptions, etc. Well-thought keywords have a significant impact on SEO and your rankings. Thus, do your homework and find out the best for your website.

Build Links to your store        

A backlink is an off-page strategy that helps search engines determine your website value by surveying your creditability and trustworthiness. You can get the backlinks from suppliers, influences, industry, social media mentions, etc.

However, be aware of broken links. Too many broken links can lower your rankings and risk your brand reputation. If you find any broken links on your page, you can get them fixed by contacting the owners. It’s a win-win situation for both as they’ll get to know about their website problems, and you get the backlinks.

Use the best Shopify SEO Tools and Apps  

Last but not least, you can use Shopify SEO tools to boost your site rankings. Here is a list of Shopify tools and Apps you can use to improve your rankings.

  • Plugin SEO
  • Smart SEO
  • SEO image optimizer
  • Yoast
  • SEMRush
  • OptinMonster

To summarize, you can improve your Shopify rankings by improving user experience, backlinks, right keywords, and proper SEO tools. Implement these steps into your eCommerce strategies and take your business up to the next level.

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