How To Find Keywords That Will Drive The Most Traffic To Your Website?


How To Find Keywords That Will Drive The Most Traffic To Your Website?

Keywords help you determine all the traffic that is coming to your website. By analyzing your keyword traffic, you can enhance your SEO efforts, high-quality online traffic for your paid search advertisement, and get more traffic from relevant searches.

With the help of keyword traffic analysis, you can identify the topics that your audience will find educational, prioritize your content production, find the most relevant keywords, find negative keywords, and structure your paid search campaigns with tightly organized ad groups.

Here are a few overviews you can use to find keywords that will drive the most traffic to your website.

  • Exact Match

Exact match keywords are those who are surrounded by brackets like this: [keyword].

This indicates that you want your ad to appear only when someone types the exact keyword you submitted to Google.

Exact match keywords are the best as you get maximum targeted clicks and you are aware of what words trigger your ads. Therefore, it is highly advisable to use exact match keywords in your campaigns.

  • Phrase Match

Phrase match keywords are surrounded by double quotes, like this: “keyword.”

Phrase match is also a wise choice to use in your campaigns. In phase match, your ad will appear if someone types the phase that is in the quotation. However, keep in mind that Google will show plurals and misspelled words of your keywords.

For example, your keyword is “Pediatric Dentist” Google will show your ad if someone has typed “Pediatric dentist in Alaska” or “the best Pediatric dentist in town.” However, your ad won’t show if someone types “dentist for children” as it does not match your phrase keyword.

  • Broad Match

The keywords without additional characters are called Broad match keywords. Adding multiple broad match keywords has the negative impact on campaigns. Because when you insert a broad match keyword, your ad will appear if Google thinks someone typed a similar keyword.

As the name states, broad match is truly broad, thus, only on rare occasions, people use it. In broad match keywords, it’s up to Google to decide which search queries are similar. and it’s not necessary that your perception of what search queries are similar to your keywords is the same as Google’s.

Using broad match will give the whole control of your campaign to Google. And using them may result in bad clicks. Thus, it is advisable to avoid broad-match keywords and stick with other type of keywords.

  • Broad Match Modifier

Now we know about the broad match, let’s see how to modify broad match keywords and how you can use them for your benefits.

Usually, broad match keywords are generated by putting a ‘+’ sign before keywords. For example, +Pediatric +Dentist.

Your ads will appear if any of these words are typed in search engines. In this case, your ads will appear if someone types “best pediatric dentist in town” or “find a pediatric dentist.”

As these keywords involve both words, it will trigger ads for both words used in the broad match modifier. Thus, even if the words are not in the same order, Google will think they are similar and display your ads.

It is advisable that in the begging you should only go for exact match and phrase match keywords. And after sometimes, if you feel like you need more traffic, you can go for broad match modifiers to increase your traffic.

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