Don’t Let Clickbait Ruin Your Reputation

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Don’t Let Clickbait Ruin Your Reputation

In this digitized era, the spread of fake news is increasing excessively. Additionally, retailers are looking into easy marketing tricks to get more clicks. However, not everything that comes easy has a good impact. Sometimes, shortcuts can ruin your years’ worth of hard work and ruin your business in a second.

Clickbait is one of those highly famous shortcuts. It is the easiest way to draw customers onto your website with just a click. However, it is not worth it. Clickbaits are the catchy article headlines that lure people into the website. For example, “You won’t believe what she said in her office meeting!” or “10 ways to make money while you are sleeping, click on this to find out more.”

In the beginning, it may generate the curiosity of your audience, but in the end, they will get disappointed, and you may lose your valued customers.

This article will highlight why Clickbait is bad for your business and how it can ruin your reputation.

Let’s dive in.

It ruins valuable site data

Clickbaits put your important website analysis and metrics at risk. A single Clickbait title may help you get more views, but at the same time, it increases the bounce rates and confuses your analysis data. This makes it more difficult to track marketing strategies and improve the conversion rates as there is no accurate information available that can measure the success rates.

Attracts wrong visitors 

As a small business owner, the most important thing you need for your business is customer loyalty. Your customers should value your site, enjoy it, and come back again to make the purchase. The majority of people who click on the links are not interested in your brand, they are only interested in the story of what she told in the office meeting.

Therefore, the chances of you getting loyal customers are minimal. Clickbaits works on psychological factors. Therefore, you won’t get genuine visitors to your site, and that is not good for any brand.

Increases the bounce rates     

Bounce rates refer to the term where visitors abandon the website in 5 seconds or less. Although the bounce rates can be manipulated and aren’t given much importance, it is not a good sign for small businesses. As the customers who close the website as soon as it opens, they are not going to return. As a result, you lose your latent customers.

Audience disappointment       

When customers click on the link and won’t find what they expected, they will be disappointed. And the disappointment increases the bounce rate and reduces your customer loyalty. We all know that a disappointed customer is not coming back.

Let’s conclude this with a big NO. You should never use Clickbait to lure your customers. Clickbaits have no positive outcomes, and you may lose your hard-earned reputation.

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