How Delivery Strategy can Increase your eCommerce Sales


How Delivery Strategy can Increase your eCommerce Sales

People who buy products online are eager to get their products as soon as possible. If an online shop fails to fulfil the delivery requirements, people abandon that store and go for another one.  Cart abandonment is a nightmare for businesses around the world. Studies show that 25% of people abandoned their carts in 2019. One of the main reasons for cart abandonment is the lack of delivery options. Thus, improving your delivery strategy will help you attract more customers.

Here are a few delivery tactics you can use to enhance your business.

  • Educate your customers

In online shopping, customers often track their products and expect to be acknowledged about the whereabouts of the products. Therefore, make customers aware of your shipping policy and alert them at each step of the shipment process.

As we know, customers are curious about their products, but sometimes curiosity can lead to anger and frustration. Customers will feel left out, even if you deliver their products on time or before the deadline. Thus, investing in a good tracking technology will help your customers stay up-to-date about their product’s whereabouts and help you gain their trust. Use push notifications to deliver important information, such as dispatch information, current location, and arrival notification.

  • No hidden charges

The biggest turnoff for customers is when they find out extra shipping charges at the checkout point. Customers don’t hesitate to leave the site if they find out extra or hidden charges at the time of checkout.

Therefore, it is advisable if you can put all the shipping charges on the product page. Plus, providing multiple delivery options, such as days and time of delivery, delivery type, and preferred delivery agency, is also beneficial for improving the delivery strategy and grow sales for your eCommerce store.

Additionally, shipping charges depend on the option customer choose. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

  • Personalization

Customers love personalized customer experience. Although your interaction with customers is virtual, delivery makes a real connection. A good customer experience includes memories and certainty; therefore, a personalized delivery experience can help you gain their trust and create an amazing experience for them.

Here are a few things you can try to improve the personalization and enhance your delivery tactics.

  • Adding a Thankyou note
  • Gift wrapping the products during festivals
  • Sending gift or promo cards on their special days

These are the small things that make customer experience pleasant and make them loyal to your brand, increasing your sales.

  • Be quick to respond

Sometimes a delay in resolving queries can make customers lose interest in your brand. This is because they expect a quick solution for the cause of delay, expected delivery date, or any other issues they face.

Therefore, you have to be available to answer your customers or implement an alternative method that can assist them any time of the day, such as FAQ pages, live chat, Chatbots, etc. They’ll help customers resolve their issues as soon as possible.

Also, ensure that customers are satisfied with your services and solution your store has provided. Resolving their queries quickly makes customers feel valued and appreciated, turning them into long-term customers.

Ecommerce business has been blooming rapidly throughout the years. The prime focus for these businesses is customer satisfaction. Thus, experimenting with your strategies according to customer requirements will help you gain their loyalty and increase your profit. Furthermore, if you successfully implement your delivery strategy, you can easily see your business flourish in no time.

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