How To Create A Pricing Page To Increase Conversion Rate?

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How To Create A Pricing Page To Increase Conversion Rate?

When customers want to purchase a product, the first thing they’ll do is check the price. And the majority of them will compare prices before making a purchase and make the decision if they can afford it. Many businesses grab this opportunity to increase conversion rates and their sales.

Your pricing page is the page where the final step is taken. If you do not have a proper pricing page, your customers will abandon your website, resulting in a loss in revenue. Therefore, it is important to create a page that will draw customers to purchase the product.

In this article, we’ll highlight how you can optimize your pricing page.

But first, let’s understand how you can design your pricing page.

There are many designing templates available in the market. You can use them as per your preference and necessities.

  • Pricing Table

A pricing table contains all product descriptions, such as dimensions, prices, sellers, etc. Therefore, it is easier for customers to compare the product and choose according to their budget.

  • Pricing Menu

When you have several products that don’t require more description, you can use the pricing menu. It gives only the necessary details so that customers can quickly make the decision.

  • Pricing Sliders

You can use pricing sliders to highlight best sellers or new products and grab visitor’s attention. On the pricing slider, a product image with a small description and a CTA button. It will have an emotional impact on your customers and draw them to make the purchase.

How to optimize your pricing page?

Now, you know about the different pricing page templates, let’s understand how you can optimize your pricing page to increase your conversion rate.

  • Highlight Products

Highlighting your products and their benefits to grab your visitor’s attention. Once your customers see what’s in it for them, they’ll more likely make the purchase. You can add texts like “best seller,” “people’s choice,” or “50 people bought this” to encourage people to buy your product.

  • Special Offers

Everybody loves a discount and special offers. You can boost your sales by offering unique deals. However, make sure to use the FOMO technique to create urgency within your customers. Introducing short-term deals will encourage your customers to make quick decisions. For example, “buy this today and get 10% off” or “first 30 buyers will get a special discount or freebies.”

This will make customers think that it won’t come back next week if they miss this deal. Thus, they’ll make the purchase, resulting in increased sales.

  • Make CTA Visible

Some people come to the store with the intention of instant purchase and look for the direct link to their product rather than navigating through the whole website. Therefore, make your CTA buttons visible and place them where users can easily click on them. With a good CTA, you can reduce cart abandonment rates and increase your conversion rates.

There are many ways you can increase your sale and enhance your business. Optimizing your pricing page is one of them. In the beginning, it may not look much important, but once you utilize it thoroughly, it can help you improve your conversion rate and boost your revenue.

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