4 Tactics To Convert Your First time Customers To Returning Customers

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4 Tactics To Convert Your First time Customers To Returning Customers

Most people come to your website to purchase a specific product. Once they get it, the chances of their return are low. All your marketing efforts to gain more traffic will go in vain if your customers only visit you for a short amount of time. Repeating the business is a bit hard, but get this, it costs five times more to gain a new customer than nurturing the existing ones. Increasing your customer retaining rate by five percent can raise the profit up to 25 to 95 percent. Therefore, treating your customer right after their purchase is essential for businesses.

When you treat your customers right, they’ll tell their friends and families about them, gaining you more followers. This marketing will uplift your business by creating a good brand image. Thus, businesses need to make more efforts to retain the existing customers. Here are a few strategies to convert your first-time customers to returning ones.

  • Offer subscription-based purchases:

Many companies offer subscription plans for their products. They offer discounts on monthly or quarterly subscription plans. It is beneficial for both customers and the brand. The customer gets their products at a low price, and as the arrival date is fixed, companies can send the product using the cost-effective shipping method. The more subscribers the company gets, the more they can negotiate with the suppliers.

  • Launch a referral program:

A referral program means rewarding your customer when he/she refers your brand to their friends and family. As per some research, people trust their peers’ recommendations. They are more tend to buy the products other people have used and had a positive experience with them.

Although, Keep in mind that you don’t offer them irrelevant products to redeem their points. To keep them engaged in your loyalty program, always offer the products of their interest. For example, if your customer is a female, offering them a discount on men grooming kit is pointless.

  • Show them your appreciation:

Once the customer has made their purchase, along with their confirmation email, send them a thank you mail. People love being acknowledged and appreciated. Thus, it will make them coming back to the brand.

Personalize their ‘thank you’ email by including their name. Give your customer store credits for a limited time. It is one of the social proof tactics, as a limited-time offer drives the customer to make that purchase.

  • Don’t push the registration for a purchase:

Many customers abandon their carts if they are forced to create an account for purchasing. Give them an option to make an account once they’ve completed the purchase. Also, adding a Call-to-Action button after the purchase can increase the registration. Many brands offer direct registration through social media pages. Make sure you give them some benefits, such as discounts, free products, etc., for subscribing to your email campaign.

It takes a lot of effort to make the customers coming back to your store. But once the loyalty and trust are generated, you can form a healthy relationship with your customers. Make them feel at home, ask for their feedback, and resolve their queries ASAP, this will help you gain a better customer conversion rate and enhance your business.

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